Crystal and Drew | High School Sweethearts Get Engaged

How We Met: Drew and I met about 10 years ago in 8th grade chorus class. My first memory is when he made fun of my shirt because it had horizontal rainbow stripes. Even though I thought it was cool, that was the last time I ever wore that shirt.

Little did I know, that was his way of flirting with me, because he’s been in love with me ever since.


how they asked: We planned on a lot of our friends and family being in town over Easter weekend. After his parents and I picked him up from the airport, we knew that would be one of our only chances for some alone time so we planned on going to the Noland Trail, which is where we often went for a walk in high school. We always loved feeding the ducks off the bridge and sitting at the bench overlooking the water. The bench was “our spot”, so of course we claimed it by carving our names into it in high school. So when we first got to the trail, he took me to feed the ducks off the bridge.


When we got to the middle of the loaf, I went in for another piece to throw, but instead my fingers hit something hard. I took a peak in the bag and saw a black box. As I pulled the box out, I wasn’t sure what to do but he asked for it. That’s when he got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him, and of course I said YES! I remember the ring being so sparkly and I told him it was pretty, however I really couldn’t see it because my eyes were filled with tears.



After that, I thought our special moment was over, still perfect as can be, but then we started walking down the trail and approached our bench. I suddenly stopped and the waterworks began. Lying on the bench were colorful roses, sparkling wine, two glasses, and little chocolates. We shared a toast and just took in the precious moment together. Things couldn’t have been more perfect!







Photos courtesy of: Audrey Rose Photography