Crystal and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I met at the beach 5 summers ago through mutual friends.  We hung out a few times in groups & the following summer we all got in on a shore house together – that’s where it all started. We were always hanging out and joking around or texting each other. It seemed like friends at first but then on the 4th of July, we had our first (drunken) kiss haha! By that September we were dating and hanging out all the time. He doesn’t take anything too seriously and makes everything fun, I just love being around him. No matter what we’re doing I can always have fun with him. :)

how they asked

Chris proposed to on this past Memorial Day, in front of my dad’s old fire station in the city of Philadelphia. My parents passed away when I was younger, and I told him once how one of my favorite childhood memories was driving with my mom into the city to visit my day at the station when he worked night shifts and holidays. Chris had been away the night before on his brother-in-law’s bachelor party in Atlantic City. We had plans with my best friend & her boyfriend to go to a beer garden in the city on that day since everyone had off for the holiday. I made a joke about how he looked so dressed up for a beer garden and he changed probably 3 times after that lol.

Once we got into the city we parked in a lot and I remember thinking it was a pretty random area of the city for a beer garden, but luckily for him I just went along with it figuring he knew where he was going. So as we started walking he kept trying to hold my hand and it was so hot, I was so figety but he kept demanding I hold his hand lol. Then he turned to me and said, “can you believe it’s been 4 years since our shore house & that summer? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we’re not going to a beer garden.” And he pointed to the building in front of us and asked if I remembered it. I looked at the building and gave him a hug, still confused a bit as to what we were going to do there.

Chris is a very romantic guy, extremely thoughtful, so he’s always coming up with these big gestures and romantic dates so I thought maybe he planned a tour or dinner there for us or something. Then he stood in front of me and said, “I kept trying to think of the best way to have your parents be a part of this moment for you, because I know you’d wish they could be here. So I thought what better way than the place of one of your favorite childhood memories with them both.” And then he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!!


I couldn’t believe it, I was in complete shock. After I cried in his arms for a bit I was able to gather myself and see his sister & her husband across the street taking pictures for us. Chris had gone to my grandmom to ask her permission to marry me and researched my dad’s old fire station and asked their permission to propose in front of the building. They gave us a tour of the station and showed us around, it was so amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. I’ll cherish that station forever. ❤️