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How We Met

Charley: It all started at called Camp Electric at Cedarville University in Ohio. The girl, when I first saw her it was nothing exciting, dazzling or intoxicating if anything I felt bad. I say this pretty blonde haired girl, and she had a knee brace on I felt bad she had to wear that. So my first impression, nothing crazy. The second Time I saw her was a little different, she was with one of the friends (Ethen) from camp, and they sat at our table for lunch. She was wearing more gothic style jacket and dress and very quiet. Ethen introduced her to us “this is Crissy,” but that’s about all that happened then. One night at camp Crissy came up somehow in the conversation. Out of nowhere pops my roommate “you guys talking about Crystal, stay away from her, she’s crazy.” Well, that made us all kinds of confused. The next day’s when I truly talked to her. I sat next to her in vocal class, and “I, being the goof that I am” started cracking jokes, making funny voices and faces. To my surprise she was actually laughing so I kept going, then our eyes locked and I saw something so beautiful it was hard to figure out, my head was in a spin and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was alive again.

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Crystal: It all started at a music camp called Camp Electric at Cedarville University in Ohio. The first time I, Crystal, set my eyes on Charlie was lunch the first day at camp. He and a fellow new friend were, what I like to call, bickering about Charlie’s Mtn. Dew spilled white skinny jeans from the day before. So, I paid no attention to him at that time. From there I then sat next to him in vocal class and we talked. He no sooner explained why he called himself C4 and we went into talking about our dads being airplane mechanics and I then ask him… “what’s your dad’s name?” He looked at me funny and said “Charlie Johnson.” It was then time for class to start so we went on to listening to the teacher. However, I could not help but notice how perfect his eyes and muscles were and how there was something so special about him! As hard as it was to admit at first, I was no doubt, hooked! I knew I at least had a friend! (If not more) So, in brief summary, that’s how we met.

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Going a little further in time, Charlie was the only new friend from Camp Electric who came to my graduation party. Our families met and the day was so much fun ending in us sitting in the grass that evening staring at the stars with his four little brothers. From there, we started to get together as much as we had the chance to until one day, August 21, 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course, I said “YES!!!” We hung out and got to know each other and our relationships with God and each other grew more and more strong it was amazing!

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Crystal: Next thing you know, it was August 21, 2017 (our second anniversary) and we are supposed to be on our way to a date at, where I thought, was at Texas Roadhouse, but I was dead wrong. So, I reminded him that he was going the wrong way to our date and girls group at church isn’t until much later in the evening, but he replied, “I just feel good about our date, and want to drive the car some in the parking lot before dinner.” As we drive up the driveway to the church I’m yelling, “No, no, noooo!”

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Then, to my surprise, he pulls up to the front of the church and stops the car. I look at him with a puzzled look as his friend, Zek, walks out of the church. At the same time, Charlie got out of the car, opened the door for me and Zek got into the car and drove away to park. Charlie walked me into Word of Life Church and up to the new lobby where I found it beautifully decorated as a private dinner looking over Greensburg PA out the big windows.

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He seats me and himself just in time for our scrumptious dinner to be served by Zek and my Best Friend, Yael. We then dig into the meal and I tell you, that was the best steak dinner I’ve ever had! I tried asking who made it but Charlie would not tell me. “It was made by one who has known me all my life and whom I’ve known all their life.” Those were his exact words. I couldn’t figure it out.

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We requested music to be played, however, the waiter and waitress could not get the music to work. So, we requested live music by the chef himself. Suddenly, Charlie leaves the room for a moment, comes back, bows and says “Introducing, the chef.” I was so surprised! He then picked up the guitar, which was part of the décor perfectly sat up beside a chalkboard covered in writings about each month of being together.

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He began playing a song he wrote as I further enjoyed my meal. I started to notice the words pretty fast. They sounded a lot like proposing words. I thought, “What in the world is going on?” It wasn’t even minutes until he was on his knee asking me to be his forever and always and yet again I, of course, said…

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