Crystal and Arsenio

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How We Met

We met in the most unexpected way, unusual to some, but perfect for us! We met on an app entitled Soul Swipe where we hit it off instantly! We talked for weeks and then finally decided to meet! It was an instant love connection!

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how they asked

From the first day that I met Arsenio, I knew that he was the one! I told him that I believe in fairytales and I wanted my happily ever after. He promised me then that I would get it.

Arsenio met with my father and my mother to discuss his intentions and plans for our relationship two months prior. They together came up with the ultimate fairytale proposal a girl could ask for!

On December 30, 2017, a holiday party was thrown to celebrate with family and friends. Little did I know, it was an engagement party. My mother called all the family and friends to the family room in front of a wall of windows. Arsenio begins his speech thanking family and friends for supporting our relationship. He then pulls a letter out of his back pocket and begins to read his letter. Tears began to stream down my eyes as he talks about his love for me, thanking me for accepting his beautiful daughter, and growing with him. He hands me a box and tells me to open it. Enclosed in the box is a pink Cinderella carriage, symbolizing my fairytale. He then pulls out the ring and says, “Crystal Nicole Deas, will you marry me?” I tearfully reply, “Yes!”. As soon as I say “yes”, pink fireworks began over our heads in the wall of windows! It was truly my fairytale engagement!

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Special Thanks

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