Crystal and Andrew

How We Met

Andre and I met through a mutaul friend. And let me tell you, thank god for that friend! :)

how they asked

Andrew had got some of my family together and took us up to spend my birthday weekend in Lake Tahoe. In the most beautiful cabin ever. The Friday that we got there, we went shopping, rented movies and drank some wine and stayed in. That Saturday morning andrew and I woke up early to make everyone breakfast & I told him “you don’t wanna marry me huh cause I’m not a good cook” well little did I know!! Haha. Later that day we went to emerald bay. Andrew found a parking spot so we all got off and andrew told us “okay we just have to walk a about a mile to get the spot” I got so mad haha. I didn’t want to walk. My hair was messing up, it got hot and that walk just killed my vibe haha. So we get to the spot finally (walk wasn’t too bad) and I’m still a little mad. I start recording a video of the beautiful view and when I was done, I turned around and andrew was on one knee and he asked me to marry him!!! Let me tell you, I was not mad at all anymore! I was the happiest person ever and of course I said YES. It was perfect. And my family was there to witness everything. A birthday weekend I’ll never forget.

Image 1 of Crystal and Andrew

Image 2 of Crystal and Andrew