Crystal and Ajay

How We Met

Everyone who knows Ajay and I know that we have a love story not many people get. Ajay and I have known each other since we were in elementary school in New York 5th grade to be exact. We were each other first girlfriend and boyfriend. At that age, you don’t know what love is and especially with Caribbean parents, I was not allowed to have a boyfriend so I had to break it off with Ajay which made him very mad and he wrote in my 5th-grade yearbook don’t bother him again. I moved away from New York when I was in 6th grade to Florida and never really thought about Ajay until a week before my 16th birthday when I got a friend request that changed my entire life. On April 15, 2010, Ajay asked me to be his girlfriend and back then I did not know we were going to be a forever thing because we were long distance but something inside of me said he will be the one. After 2 years of dating, Ajay decided to move from New York to Florida. This changed our relationship forever.

how they asked

After 8 years of dating Ajay and I went to New York for his aunt 50th birthday party. On June 15,2018 Ajay told me to get ready we are going to central park. I have never been to central park before so I was so excited that I forgot to eat that morning. We decided to take the train to central park while on the train I kept letting Ajay know that I was hungry and there was a specific restaurant I wanted to go to. He knows I love Mexican food so he took me to Chevys .

At that moment in the restaurant I decided to look at his pocket to see if anything shaped like a box was there but nothing was in his pocket. Once we were finish with our lunch he told me our friends were going to meet us at central park. So at that very moment I was 100% sure he wasn’t going to propose because he has told me that he didn’t want anyone there when he popped the question. We decided to walk to the central park which was far from Chevys.

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Once we got to central park I was so tired at this point I wanted to leave but he insisted on walking more to meet our friends. We kept walking to this huge fountain in central park called Bethesda Fountain. It was so beautiful. I honestly thought he was going to pop the question at that very moment but he didn’t. We walked around the fountain and found a very nice guy drawing pictures and we decided to have him draw us.

Once he finished drawing us Ajay told me that our friends are waiting for us someplace else . I was so annoyed because my feet was hurting so bad but I kept walking. Once we got to another fountain Ajay said I love you no matter what which threw me off because then his brother came up and said something was wrong with my best friend. I went down steps because I was worried and below was a gazebo with flowers.

Ajay took my hand and walked we under the gazebo which was next to the lake. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him and said it’s about damn time. I started to tear up and I said YES!!! I wouldn’t imagine my life with anyone else. From elementary school sweethearts to lovers for life.

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