Crysta and Kamar

How we met: Kamar and I met over a decade ago and I am 26 now so you do the math….We were both literally just kids when we met….I met Kamar at my first place of employment.  I am not sure who noticed who first, but when I first saw him I was immediately intrigued.  Kamar and I played cat and mouse with each other over a year and I referred to him as my “significant other” for a while because he was older than me.  We officially became girlfriend and boyfriend after he asked one of the kids we watched at the camp to give me a letter that read….Will you be my girlfriend YES or NO?…..After that letter  the rest was history….


how they asked: On September 13th @ 12:00am I put a party hat on , hung decorations lit his birthday candles sang Kamar happy birthday and told him to make a wish. He blew out the candles and I immediately asked him what did he wish for.  He replied by saying you will see.  The whole time he was wishing I say yes to one of the most important questions he will ever ask in his life.

Since it was Kamar’s birthday, I had a full day planned.  We first stopped to get brunch (he loves bunch), and then stopped by my Annie B.’s house for a bit.  I had to go visit the restroom, while I went to the restroom, Kamar was downstairs asking one of the most important person in my life could he take her grand daughters hand in marriage.   When I came down stairs I was wondering why my Annie B. kept on smiling, but nothing ever crossed my mind.   After visiting my Annie B., we stopped to meet my mom who wanted to celebrate Kamars bday.  My mom was already a little  turned up (excited), but maybe that’s because she found out that morning that her daughter was going to get engaged within a few hours.  Kamar asked my mom that morning face to face could he marry her daughter.  Oh, I also forgot to mention  that since I do not have a father, he asked my older brother who played a significant role in my life while growing up could he marry me three weeks prior.  :)… (He really planed this out….

Any who, Kamar and I celebrated with my mom for several hours and then we were off to our next stop, the movies.  At this point I am exhausted, but I didn’t want to be a party pooper so I toughened up and we went to go see No Good Deed.  Again, Kamar is the one that usually gets tired first and I am the one who can never sit down,  so it still never crossed my mind as to why he hasn’t said let’s go home for a bit and relax babe….

After the movies we went to Iron Hill.  Iron Hill is a restaurant that Kamar officially asked me to be his girlfriend  11 years ago (hey I told you we have been together for quite a long time).  Kamar had a gift card for Iron Hill that he told me one of his passengers gave him for his birthday and he wanted to use it…(the whole time, he made the whole story up just so that he could waste time).  It  was a little windy and Kamar decided it was a good idea to walk around outside.  (Kamar does not like to walk, and still nothing even crossed my mind) After I complained, we finally went inside and enjoyed some appetizers that had our mouths on fire lol…. After all of our taste buds were  burned off it was finally time to go home so that I could prepare for his fight party.

Kamar and I arrived at our house.  I already mentioned it was chilly outside and he was taking his sweet ole time walking to the trunk, so I left him outside and went on upstairs to our door.  Before I opened the door, I was yeling at him telling him not to forget the crab cakes my Annie B. made us in the car lol…. As I am walking  in the house, I am see nothing but IPhone/Adndroid lights shining in my face and no one is saying a word.  I was so surprised, shocked, confused and after 2.5 seconds it hit me! I finally realized that the man I love was finally about to pop the question. After I finally realized what was going on, I then immediately went into shock, cried, yelled OMG a million and one times and I think I was hyperventilating (I never hyperventilated before, but I could just imagine the way I felt, that  had to be the, just watch the video and you be the judge)…Tears poured down may face, my heart was beating rapidly and my life was getting ready to change  simultaneously.

After saying OMG for 5 whole minutes Kamar dropped down on one knee for the 2nd time and said  Crysta Nicole Tilgman Alizee Jenkins the 3rd (please don’t ask about the name), I know what I want for my birthday now, WILL YOU MARRY ME?????  I said OMG yes babe!!!!!!


After he finally put the ring on it, my family, my siblings, my close friends and college girlfriends toasted and had a good night. ….. Kamar proposed to me exactly how  I wanted and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal!!