Crysta and Brooks' Proposal at Zilker Botanical Gardens


How We Met:

Brooks and I started dating in high school. The story of how we met is different but special to each of us. For Brooks, we met our freshman year when the two of us sat across the room from each other in math class. To him, it was love at first sight when he saw me walk in the room. He knew immediately that I was somebody special and for a year he had a crush on me but did not have the nerve to speak to me. He admired from a distance the girl who he would eventually ask to become his wife.

The next year, our sophomore year, the two of us were again in class together and ended up sitting next to each other. For me this is when the two of us met. The first day we had a pop quiz and traded sheets to grade each other’s quizzes. I was nervous for my first AP class and had studied all summer and when we graded our quizzes, I got a higher score than he did. Brooks was a mixture of jealous and impressed, but told me congratulations. And that was how it all started.

We began talking more in class and slowly got to know each other. I developed a crush on him and told a mutual friend how I felt and found out that he liked me too and then we started dating a few weeks later. The two of us have been to 2 homecomings, prom, football games, and high school graduation together. He came and supported me in my dance, choir, and musical performances and I went and supported his soccer games. The two of us have been together all of high school and stayed together as we both went to separate cities for college. We truly are high school sweethearts and are so excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

how they asked:

As far as the proposal, Brooks asked me to marry him on May 16, 2015. This truly was the most amazing and memorable day of my life. We had originally made plans to go to the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin on that day to celebrate our 5 ½ year anniversary, and I had no idea that would be the day Brooks would propose.

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Brooks told me he wanted to go in the morning so the garden would be less crowded, but being how I am, I stayed up late the night before and ended up oversleeping. Brooks tried to text and call me multiple times to make sure I was up on time, but my phone was on silent. Brooks eventually called my dad, who actually had to come and wake me up.
After I was up and ready, Brooks picked me up and we headed to the botanical garden. We started to walk around one part of the gardens looking at the bamboo and the koi pond, where I leaned down and almost fell in…smooth move Crysta. After we finished up in that area, we went over near the part of the garden where there was a beautiful waterfall.

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As we were getting closer, I noticed that Brooks kept checking his watch and receiving text messages. He would also turn around and look at random objects, trying to keep me occupied. One time he turned back and stood for a couple minutes going on and on about a maintenance hole in the ground, and I really don’t know how I wasn’t suspicious at that point.

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After a while, we made it to the waterfall, stood in front of it, and Brooks started talking. We had only been to the botanical garden one other time, but Brooks said that the last time we were there, he took a picture of me standing in front of the waterfall, and he said that was the ‘lightbulb’ moment when he realized he was looking at the woman he wanted to marry. He went on saying how he would have got down and proposed to me on that day if he only had a ring…but thankfully this time he did and this was the special spot. Then he turned me, got down on one knee, nervously got through a little speech he had prepared, and finally asked me to marry him.

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Marriage Proposal at the Zilker Botanical Gardens

After the proposal, a photographer that Brooks had hired came out of hiding. Turns out all of the texts he had received earlier were from her saying she wasn’t set up yet, and telling Brooks to stall. We took some beautiful engagement pictures all over the botanical garden, and that was that.

After our pictures, we went to lunch and a movie to stall some more because later that day he had set up a surprise engagement party with our family and friends. It really was the best day ever :)

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