Gilbert and Christina's Cruise Ship Marriage Proposal

How We Met: It was a Friday night (June 12,2009), so my best friend and I made plans to go to a birthday party. We arrived at the party and sat down at a table. As I was sitting there, I looked up and noticed Gilbert as he entered the party. I immediately told my best friend, “look at that cute guy!” I later learned, that he had noticed me too. Gilbert and I both spent the first hour of the party trying to figure out how to approach each other. I looked over and noticed my best friend’s sister was talking to him and his buddies…this was my chance! So I whispered to my best friend, “let’s go over there and pretend we need to ask your sister something…” (Haha! Yes, girls have game too!) As we approached the group, Gilbert and I instantly locked eyes and started up a conversation. The conversation went on for hours and we were inseparable for the rest of the party. In fact, we have been inseparable since then! June 12, 2009 is a date we will never forget and I’m glad I was invited to that birthday party.

how they asked: Gilbert and I thought it would be fun to take our first cruise, for our 5 Year Anniversary. We booked the trip and packed our bags! We boarded the ship on a Sunday afternoon and the ship arrived at Catalina Island on Monday. We spent Monday, ziplining, drinking Piña Coladas on the beach, shopping and having a romantic dinner. We woke up Tuesday as the ship approached Ensenada, Mexico.

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Gilbert jumped out of bed and said “I need water, I’m so thirsty!” He left the room and I took a shower. I thought it was weird when he came back to the room…with no water. Anyways, we proceeded to get ready for the day. Gilbert mentioned that before we got off of the ship, he wanted to go and take photos on the top deck. As we walked up there he yelled “VACATION” (I later learned this was a code word) I copied him, and yelled it as well. We stood near the railing and took some nice pictures…and maybe a few selfies. Gilbert asked me to close my eyes, and he told me to picture us at home. My eyes were still shut when I heard him say… “I’ve loved you since…” Well, I’m not really sure what he said after that, because I opened my eyes and saw him down on one knee and beautiful diamond ring in his hand. I immediately started crying and shaking. This was it… The moment I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl and the man of my dreams is standing in front of me, making this a reality. So, of course I said, “Yes”! He put the ring on my finger, handed me a tablet and played a video.

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I got to watch a pre-recorded video of my family, friends and coworkers all say congratulations to us! Gilbert even wrote/recorded a song on guitar for me, and it played in the background of the video. He was able to make this once in a life time moment, something I will never forget. It was such an amazing feeling to know that so many people were involved- and no one ruined the surprise for me! The video ended with my Mother and Brother, telling me to turn around.

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As I turned around, they were standing right there!! Yes, on the cruise ship! I was so excited, shocked, and speechless. What a great surprise! They also had video-taped and photographed the whole proposal (which Gilbert later edited into the final video). They had been wearing disguises and hiding from me the whole time.

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Apparently, Gilbert was taking every opportunity he could get, to run down to their room and let them know where we would be, what we were wearing, and making sure they avoided us. Oh, and that “water” Gilbert went to get… was my ring- which my Mother had been holding for him in her room. This was more than I could have ever asked for or even imagined. I’m so thankful to have Gilbert and our families/friends to share in this moment.

Special Thanks to: John-Mark Shea, Laurie Shea, Philip Shea, Vance Wilson, Kathi Foster, Dave Foster, Susan Cox, Stephanie Rubio, Tim Melton, Erik Humphrey, Kyle Humphrey, Rich Humphrey, Katie Chaignot, Jessi Wyman, McKenna Chavez, Amy Smith, Dexter Aispuro, Bekky Wagoner, Shawn Vis, Scott Worthington, and Nicholas Caro.

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In my opinion, this was The Best Proposal EVER! Gilbert and I can’t wait for the wedding and our future as Mr. & Mrs. Aispuro.