Cristy and Rico

how we met

Rico and I met on the night of February 21, 2015, when our mutual friend Carlos invited us to Amazon Grill for some live music and salsa dancing. Apparently, Carlos had gotten a group of his friends to meet there. Though I had said yes, I was on the fence about going because I had had a long week, but in the end I decided to go anyway. Once I arrived, Carlos was nowhere to be seen. When he did arrive, I was having a charming conversation with my friend Brenda who had gotten married 8 months earlier. I had not seen her since her wedding day, so we had a lot of catching up to do. Carlos had invited me to sit at his table, but I was so comfortable listening to Brenda that I stayed put, despite having told Carlos I would soon make my way to his table. About 30 minutes later, Rico comes along and interrupts our jovial conversation by politely asking if I would like to dance with him. I was instantly struck. I could hardly believe such a handsome guy would notice me in such a crowd of beautiful people. I was beside myself with excitement. He seemed shy but happy I had accepted his invitation. Later he revealed that he had noticed me since he arrived, and once he mustered up the courage, he made his way to me. After the dance we got to talking and realized we had been invited by the same person, and what’s more amazing, we had both been friends with Carlos for over a decade but had somehow never met! Before leaving that night, Rico asked me for my number, and so our love story began…

how they asked

My beloved Rico has many virtues. Planning a surprise proposal, however, is not one of them. So he wisely solicited the help of my best friend, Gia. She was the mastermind behind the spectacular photography session leading up to the breathtaking moment. The plan was for us to take couples photos because Gia had just purchased a new and exciting lens for her camera. She likes to dabble in photography when she gets a chance, so her idea was to “test” it out on us and see how she did. It was a bright but windy April day, so it was perfect! She decided on three locations, and we both had three wardrobe changes. The final setting for the photo shoot was a very special place for me. I am an arts aficionado, and the Wortham Theatre is home to both the Houston Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera. Rico and I spent many delightful date nights at the Wortham, and despite the fact that Hurricane Harvey had ravaged through my home city a year earlier and destroyed the Wortham’s interior, we were able to take some nice shots near an edifice I hold so very dear. My friend and her husband tag teamed to do our photo shoot. Gia was calling the shots on poses, and for our “final” pose, she said we would do an artistic pose where Rico and I were standing about 5 feet from each other but I was to stand and face in the opposite direction. Of course this gave him time to get in position, down on one knee and all. Gia was busy snapping away while her husband recorded the unforgettable moment with my cell phone. When she gave me the signal, I turned and faced Rico. There I saw my darling, kneeling down on one knee and holding the Robbins Brother’s ring box with both hands, while flashing a charmingly debonair (albeit a bit nervous) smile at me. I gasped in surprise and was immediately overwhelmed by the moment. I walked towards Rico and hugged him where he knelt, finally giving him the opportunity to whisper in my ear the question he had no doubt pondered on how to ask for weeks. Of course I said Yes! I pulled away from him long enough for him to stand, and then I sobbed as he held me tenderly and told me how much he loved me. Once I had dried the tears from my face, and made sure my mascara was not running, we took a few more shots for our Save the Date. As we left the Wortham, my bestie said she was famished and told us where she wanted to go have dinner. So we headed that way. I was wearing an off-white tulle skirt, black lace top, and some black suede heels. Since we had been shooting at the Wortham for quite some time, I wanted to switch my heels for some cute flats I had brought, but Gia insisted I stay in my heels since we would just walk to our table and sit while we had dinner. When we arrived at Pico’s, Rico and I walked in hand-in-hand and beside ourselves with happiness, and the hostess lead us to a back room where Rico’s family and my parents were gathered for the proposal celebration. I was awestruck and speechless! Never did I expect such a phenomenal finale to an already breathtaking day. My beloved played an important role in all of this, but the credit goes to my best friend Gia. She orchestrated and executed this proposal to perfection, and for this and many other reasons, I lover her dearly.

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