Cristy and Nils

How We Met


Ten years ago I went to Germany as an exchange student for one year. That year I met Nils. We went to the same school and even had some classes together but we just spoke like two words that year; it was a little sad but I knew I had to go back home after the exchange year without knowing when was I going to visit Germany again. That’s why I preferred to keep a little distance from him, even though he was my crush.

After I came back home, one year later, I still kept in touch with all my friends in Germany through common social media like WhatsApp and Facebook (FB). One day Nils left me a comment under one of my FB photos. As soon as I saw the name I started smiling. I replied him with a message and he wrote me back. That kept going for a couple of days until he asked my number to continue talking through WhatsApp. We kept writing each other for a whole year. I felt like inside a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.

One of my last days at the University my parents decided to give me for my graduation gift a plane ticket to Germany to visit my friends from that exchange year again. As soon as I told Nils he got really excited. On February 14th (Valentine’s day) of 2013 he asked me a couple months in advance if I wanted to go on a date with him when I visited the country, of course, I wasn’t gonna say no to that! I flew to Germany at the end of March that year. We had our first date on a Wednesday afternoon, the 27th of March of 2013. The rest is history. Now I’m living in Germany with him and my whole life is a complete fairytale.
“DREAMS do come true”

How They Asked

A few months ago Nils and I planned to go skydiving in Germany. After we got the confirmation of our booking I started to feel very nervous. Every time I thought of jumping out of a plane my hands started sweating. What I didn’t know was that Nils already knew that he was going to ask me to marry him. Of course, I didn’t have a clue of all this, I had my own problems with this whole skydiving thing. As soon as we arrived at the airport, he told me to wait inside the car and calm down.

In the meantime, he went inside the airport with the excuse that he was going to check if the weather conditions were good enough to jump. But actually, he just wanted to prepare everything before the surprise. A few minutes later I went inside to get prepared for the action. Everybody on the airplane already knew about the whole plan except for me.

Cristy's Proposal in Skydiving in Germany

When the airplane reached out the perfect hight to jump, Nils took out of nowhere a handmade sign that read: Will you marry me? at the moment I was completely overwhelmed by my emotions, not only because of the question but also because of the upcoming jump. Finally, I said YES! and then he jumped out of the plane and so did I.

Proposal Ideas Skydiving in Germany

This experience of free falling for 1 minute and then just floating around with an incredible view, was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done! After we landed, Nils got on his knee and asked me for a second time with the ring and of course I said YES again! It was the most wonderful day of our lives! #cristynils