Cristy and Kayhan

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How we met

Cristy and I met through mutual friends in 2008. She was cool and outgoing while I was quiet and shy–opposites and not interested in each other. As time went on our friendship grew as we would hang out with the same friends. However, it remained just a friendship as we both were dating other people for most the time we knew each other.

That was until early 2010 when something clicked between the both of us. Having a lot of close mutual friends we both agreed to keep things a secret at first to see how it panned out. Having a good friendship already under the belt it was time to see if opposites really do attract. They do. After a couple months of dating we went public.

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how they asked

Cristy loves all things Hawaii. So in early 2016 we planned a weeklong trip to Maui during the Summer. I thought this would be the perfect time to surprise her with a proposal. I asked her parents, told my parents, and relayed the plan to a few of our mutual friends as the time came near.

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July 1st, 2016 the day after we arrived to Maui was the big day. I had arranged the time and place with Matias (our photographer) and now it was a matter of making Cristy follow my plans without becoming suspicious.

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We got ready to watch the sunset from Ironwoods Beach and grab dinner after nearby. On the way to the beach I had the ring (without the box) in my right pocket with my ID and credit cards over it in the same pocket. Cristy saw my cards in my shorts and pressed on them asking what it was. I told her just my cards while trying to stay cool. We get to the beach where I brought along a back pack and something to lay on. I asked her to put down her purse with our things to take a walk… She said no. After a few minutes I gave up and asked her to put it down and just walk to the water with me. How I planned on it happening wasn’t going to happen and now I had to improvise.

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Once at the water in front of us I started talking about us, our love, and our future together (I blanked once she said no to the walk so I don’t have exact words). I get on one knee and pull the ring from my pocket while holding the WRONG hand and asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said YES!

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Special Thanks

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