Cristine and Jesse

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How We Met

Jesse and I met January of 2015 in Gainesville, Florida through a mutual friend while I was in Nursing School. Our friend, Kaleigh, was currently dating Jesse’s good friend, Matt. After many family dinners, game nights, and a few double dates, it was apparent to most of our friends that we may be a good match for each other. Although I’d like to say that what won me over was how HANDSOME he looks in his Pilot Uniform, it was his sweet, kind, and gentle spirit that stole my heart.

how they asked

Every relationship has their own inside jokes. One of ours happens to be how horrible and unforgettable our first Valentine’s Day was. It was one of those days where everything went so wrong, it became hilarious. This Valentine’s day we would both be working so Jesse mentioned having an early Valentine’s Day date the weekend before. He wanted to keep all the details a secret from me and kept saying it had to be the best surprise ever in order to make up for last years. On Saturday, February 11th, Jesse picked me up for what I thought was going to be our surprise “early Valentine’s Day”. We started heading towards the local airport which he used to work at. It’s also where he had taken me up flying previously on some of our funnest dates. I was SO excited to find out we were going flying! He packed a little picnic for us to eat once we landed at this “surprise place”. (flying, food, and the sweetest boy ever? Yes, please!) We got on the plane set and took off.

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Jesse said we were first going to fly over the lot he had just purchased for his future house, so I was on serious watch duty trying to find it. At some point, I felt the plane starting to descend a bit faster than what I was expecting it to. Right below and in front of us was a small park and a tiny strip of grass. As I start to slightly panic, Jesse says “everything’s ok, but we’re landing in that small strip of grass”. I may or may not have had a mini heart attack. We landed in this beautiful private airport/park with gorgeous white gazebos and a beautiful sunset.

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I was still clueless at what was going on but I was excited for what he had planned! We started walking towards the gazebos and that’s when I noticed the most beautiful table set for two, flowers, candles, our photos framed and hung everywhere, and music, magically playing.

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Immediately, I knew. I remember Jesse telling me that when he looked at tomorrow, it was me. When he looked at 10 years from now, it was me. And when he looked at forever, it was me.

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He asked me to turn one of the candle around and look at it. A Yankee Candle with our photo on the label and it read “Will You Marry Me”. When I turned back, he was already on one knee.

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I immediately just dropped to my knees and started and hugged him. I was in awe of how loved I felt. Jesse is truly the most amazing man alive and I still can’t believe I get to love HIM for the rest of my life. Jesse had sushi and Halo Top ice cream waiting for us to enjoy as the sun set. He had one of my best friends, Amanda, help him set everything up and she was kind enough to gift us with an amazing photographer who was hiding in the bushes the whole time capturing it all! We are SO thankful for both of these ladies!

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Special Thanks

Amanda Krpan
 | She helped Jesse set everything up and let him borrow a lot of her stuff. She also hired our amazing photographer!
Kourtney Robinson
 | Photographer