Cristina and Tyler

How We Met

How We Met :)
Tyler and I met the second class of the first day of grade 9 (2004). I had just moved to a new town and was the new kid on the block. It just so happened that Tyler’s middle school closed that summer, so half of the kids went to the south middle school, while the other half went to the north. Because of where Tyler’s family lived, he went to the south middle school, same as me. After our first class, I didn’t know anyone so i headed straight to my second class. I remember i picked the very back row, second seat on the right so that i might be able to meet a friend on both sides of me, (I know I was a bit of a freak but being in a new school is scary). A few kids walked in and sat down, no one in my row. Tyler walked in and sat right beside me on the seat on the very right and i thought, why is his guy sitting RIGHT next to me when theres so many seats left? He tells me now that when he saw me sitting there he felt drawn to me and said he just had to to sit by me and talk to me. We started talking and realized we had a lot in common, and began a friendship… well on my side, poor Tyler’s feelings were a little stronger :P Throughout our school years together we would hang out, and we had a pretty special friendship. We ran in different circles but he was always special to me, as I was to him. Now Tyler tells me about his attempts to try and “flirt” with me when we were 16, and how he would switch out of his math class to be the only guy in my ceramics class just so we could hang out. We both had other relationships and would talk about them to each other, thats how special our friendship was.
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Fast forward to January 2nd, 2013. I had moved back to the city where I grew up, and Tyler was in the midst of moving out of his ex-girlfriends house. As a way to blow of some steam, Tyler, his best friend Brandyn and his girlfriend came to the city where i lived, and Tyler messaged me to come by after work to hang out. He said we hadn’t seen each other in years and it would be so nice to hang out and chat. Finally he convinced me to come by, I even had made other plans that night! I hadn’t seen him in years and once i saw him, he wasn’t the 14 year old boy who used to try and flirt with me, he was a gentleman that had been my friend for 8 years prior. A few days later he went to work out of town for 3 weeks, and we didn’t stop talking. He told me I was the love of his life, the one he had always dreamed of, and he would want nothing more than a shot at being with me. How could I resist! I never would have thought i would end up with my friend who I met in Grade 9, but life works in mysterious ways.
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how they asked

how they asked <3
At 6:00am, Friday September 11th, 2015 Tyler said goodbye, kissed me on the forehead, and left for work. At 6:05am, a clock alarm started going off in our living room.. I thought what the hell is that?! Laying on the ground was one lily nicely wrapped with a note attached: “Good morning babe, this is exactly what you think it is :) So go get ready for a big day and wait for further instructions! Love Tyler” 2 hours later my sister walks through my door! She flew over to where i lived to spend the day with me :) He led me on a scavenger hunt, to all the places we have memories and while we drove he made a playlist with all of our songs. We went to the top of the mountain we always hike, our first place we lived together, the waterfall we visit frequently, he even got his coworker police officer to pull me over on the highway! We traveled further and further from home, stopping along the way to pick up lilies that he had placed at our favourite spots. Even my parents were at one of the pitstops. It led me 3 hours away to the town where we first met, to our middle school, to the exact classroom and spot the first time we met. He was crying, as was I (obviously :P) and he got down on one knee and asked if i would marry him. All our friends and family was around and they all cheered. To my surprise, my sister was taking pictures, and one of our friends was creating a slideshow of the whole day, and his proposal was filmed. I was over the moon happy and couldn’t believe he did all of this for me. Sometimes i can’t believe he picked me to be the love of his life, his spouse, his wife, his everything, i honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He’s my best friend and he always has been <3
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The scavenger hunt begins!

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RCMP pulling me over to give me flowers from Tyler

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Huntley Road

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The Question <3

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