Cristina and Yanier

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How We Met

It all started back in high school! We were 15 when we met. We were ending our freshman year of high school. I played soccer and he played football along with many other sports. Turned out our favorite number was 22 so we both wore that jersey number. I was on my way to math class when this very handsome boy high-fives me as I’m walking saying “yea 22” and that was when I noticed him, it was as if I was told from that second forward that he was going to be mine forever. I just knew we were going to end up together. Sure enough, a few days later we ran into eachother at the end of the year, yearbook signing party and he asked for my number from a friend. We talked for most of the summer but then something changed and we went our own ways. But somehow I still knew we would end up together.

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Fast forward to the first day of sophomore year of high school and there he walks through the door of French class. Soooo cliche but that’s where it happened folks! Of course, he sits right next to me and then starts bugging me and flirting with me. From then on we would give eachother small gestures and looks but nothing serious because I at that moment had a bf and he had a gf.

But everyone in the class thought we had a thing together. A few months later, ending of the first semester, I overhear he broke up with his GF. This obviously puts a smile on my face, selfishly, but I play it off like I have no idea. So a few days go by and one day Yani doesn’t show up to class. So I shoot my shot and ask where he was and there you have it, folks, the rest is history! 10 years later, we have talked ever since! Cheers to being high school sweethearts!! ❤️

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How They Asked

The day Yani proposed was truly so magical! When I say, things couldn’t be more clear I literally mean it!

The signs were all there, so it all started like this:

About a week before NYE I had signed up for Sarah Mclimore Photography’s couples photoshoot giveaway. One of the things you had to do was tag other couples who would love to win so I of course tagged Yani to have higher chances of winning! When I tagged Yani (I later found out) he right away messaged Sarah to see if she was available on New Year’s Eve, he was planning to propose then! (Def glad he didn’t lol)Turns out I had won the giveaway Sarah gave for a couples photoshoot on NYE (Yani and I have NEVER had a professional shoot of us so I was so stoked.) She had no idea I was his GF at the time but she then put two and two together and messaged him right away suggesting to propose in the couples session the following week! It worked out so perfectly which was how it became such a surprise. Yani and Sarah had been planning the proposal behind the scenes and I had no idea! During the shoot, I did think how this would be such a great time for a proposal but I was like Nah Yani wouldn’t even think to do something like that lol not in a bad way but he really isn’t the best at planning ahead!

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Anyways it’s about 5 minutes before our shoot is about to end and Sarah asks us to pose a certain way (I won’t say how I don’t want to ruin it for anyone if her clients ever see this) but when I started doing the pose I looked to see what Yani was doing and little did I know Yani was already on his knee which explains why my hands were crossed in the first pictures because I truly was not expecting it!

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I was in the middle of doing the pose and all of a sudden I see him on his knee I instantly started crying! I don’t know if he said other words because it really happens so fast but from what I do remember, his exact words were: “Would you make me the happiest man alive?” So tears are pouring down my face at this point and he’s like “no, no don’t cry you’re going to ruin your makeup” and so he starts padding my face lol he’s too cute!

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Sarah then says “can I tell her?” And that’s when she says how they had talked over the phone and planned it out and all without me knowing and how she had no idea I was who he was going to propose to when I won the giveaway. How crazy that it turned out the way it did but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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So many crazy things showed us that this was totally meant to be, well in our eyes at least! Still can’t believe we’re engaged!!💍

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Special Thanks

Sarah Mclimore
 | Photographer