Cristina and Vincent

How We Met

A sorta’ Dejavu feeling, so familiar, as if we had been in this moment before. A feeling we had never experience before. A gorgeous, end of summer, perfect Upstate NY day. A little girl we both call our niece was celebrating her first birthday – where we first laid our eyes on each other. It was lovely. Magical. From that moment, 9/10/2017 our lives had forever changed, our worlds became one and every day our love continues to grow stronger and stronger.

How They Asked

I had been planning his surprise 30th birthday party for quite some time. From the moment he turned 29 I had ideas and a vision of exactly what I wanted to do for him. We spend a lot of time dancing around the house to Frank Sinatra, and there are posters all over — so it made perfect sense to put together a Frank Sinatra & The Rat Pack-themed surprise 30th.

All of Vinnie’s favorite things filled up this old barn I had rented, with a Frank twist! Everyone was dressed up! It was lovely! Vinnie had the ring months before the party — narrowing down the perfect way to ask me to spend forever with him. His brother, Sean & his wife Heather, called him one day asking him if he knew EXACTLY how he was going to propose.

Vinnie gave him a few ideas and Sean explained he had a pretty good idea, told Vinnie that he had to commit before telling him his idea (Vinnie, of course, didn’t go for that) So Sean, told him about that there was going to be a surprise 30th for him, he told him both of our families would be there, there would be a photographer, a videographer, a DJ (and left out the other little surprises, like the saxophonist) Vinnie was instantly sold, “book it! She will NEVER know” so for MONTHS, he went along (WAY TOO GOOD) with me about getting him to this party. It was brilliant.

We walked in, everyone said, “SURPRISE!” And he pulled off the pretend-surprised reaction. We spent about an hour and a half saying hello to all the guests. His beautiful and unique Thank-you speech turned into the dream proposal. Up until he got on his knee, I had absolutely no idea that really, he did know about his surprise party, and turned it into us. He turned his day, into our day, our proposal party! It was the most magical moment of our lives.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Denali Simone
 | Photographer
Satchel Jake Levin
 | Videographer
Sean VanAuker
 | Planning