Cristina and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I actually first met long before we started dating. I went to the University of Delaware, where he’s from, and became close friends with several of his friends from high school. Tyler attended University of Pittsburgh so I would see him out and about when he came home on break and for the summers. The first time I laid eyes on him was an early summer morning on my way down to Dewey Beach. I was picking up our mutual friend to drive him to his car and when I arrived, Tyler was there with him (meanwhile they are all still slightly tipsy from the night before). They all piled into my car and I just remember him being bronze, blonde and blue eyed – I had an instant crush – but we were both dating other people at the time. We became friends and he had even given me relationship advice over the years. After I graduated we lost touch, but 3 years later, in 2010, we reconnected (both of us then being single) and went on our first date to a Phillies game!

how they asked

Tyler and I have been dating for almost 6 years, 2 of which we spent in a long distance relationship, so needless to say I was very anxiously awaiting this day to come! We had gone to look at rings right before Christmas at our friend’s family jewelry store (Orly Diamonds) so after that point, any plans that he tried to make I was super suspicious (I usually do all of the planning when it comes to getting together with friends, going to dinner, etc).

It was a Friday afternoon, and I was heading home to Philly on the bus after being in NYC for the week. I was so exhausted from a busy week and was looking forward to taking a little nap once I got back. Tyler kept texting me and asking exactly when I would be coming home, when my bus came in, etc. I thought it was weird since he would still be at work, so it didn’t really matter (cue my suspicion!!) Did I mention that this Friday afternoon was also my 30th birthday?! So I’m already getting tons of lovely texts and phone calls from family and friends. I get a call from my godmother as I’m almost home, and notice a sign on the front door of our townhouse that said “Happy 30th Birthday Cristina!” I thought, “that’s cute, he left a note for me before going to work.” But then I open the door, and immediately see tons of lit candles and pictures of the two of us everywhere and I say “Auntie, I love you but I gotta go!”

At the foot of our stairs is a sign that says: “Welcome home Cristina, please shut and lock the door and leave all of your bags at the bottom of the stairs. Call out my name and make sure I’m there, then follow the candle path. I love you, Tyler”

I walk up the stairs to our living room and Tyler is standing there in the middle of all these candles and pictures all dressed up with a big smile on his face. I walked over and he was so nervous that he decided to skip the speech (who are we kidding I wouldn’t have heard it anyways) and instantly got on one knee and asked me to marry him!

It still feels so surreal thinking about that moment! This was the first place where we ever lived together, so it was super special to have asked me here.

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