Cristina and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Il Luogo Ristorante

How We Met

Ryan and I met through mutual friends several years ago his parents house. It was his going away into the Marine Corps tied with our friend’s 21st birthday, and if it wasn’t for him being a little intoxicated I might have never bumped into him. Fast forward a few years, as he was away and deployed with the Marine Corps, and we’re out for his 25th birthday – summer of 2015. At that point I hadn’t seen him for 4+ years and was over the moon seeing his face as I walked into the bar, his feelings mutual. Over the next few months and through the holidays we became the best of friends, leading into January of 2016 when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

It was January 13th of this year- 2017 – and we were going out for what I thought was just another date night on any given Friday. We tried a new restaurant this time, still nothing that would alarm me, Il Luogo- a beautiful little Italian place that was precious and intimate. We ordered our drinks, appetizers and eventually dinner- nothing was out of the ordinary, Ryan was acting perfectly fine. I had sat down after returning from the ladies room when he pulled a card out of his pocket with a pack of tissues taped to it. Now, I have two questions running through my mind here- ” Our one year anniversary was a week ago, why am I receiving another card” and “Why are there tissues attached, oh my god is he breaking up with me on date night? “. Regardless of my thoughts- I open the card to a paragraph on the left side with a photo, and a signature of “Love Your Fiance” on the right side. I looked up at him puzzled, and all he had was a humongous grin plastered on his face. I read on through the card, an ending of ” And I wanted to start 2017 off just right by setting us up for life”. Well at this point, he starts rambling a bunch of things that I cannot for the life of me remember as I am tuning him out thinking “What is going on… OMG this is IT! ” now, we had been talking about getting engaged but not for another month or so- so I was still on the fence that this moment really could be the IT moment.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Il Luogo Ristorante

Well, once I finally came back down to earth I looked over at the Maitre D’ and saw that he had Ryan’s phone recording- as I am being told ” Get up and stand over here” by Ryan. After a few more sentences of what I am not sure, it is still a blur, he got down on one knee and said ” Cristina, I love you- Will you marry me?”.

All I did was shake my head for a good few seconds before I said the word YES, since words were almost impossible through the waterfall of tears I had coming. Once we paid the bill and started for the car he mentioned his parents wanted to see the ring so we had to make a stop there first, I had no problem with that- to be honest I was too busy staring at my ring. We pulled up to his parents house, me walking ahead of him while talking, I opened the front door to both of our families and all of our friends – phones and cameras at the ready- putting me in complete and total shock. It was a night we will never forget, followed by a celebration with people we love.

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