Cristina and Marcelo

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cristo de la concordia Bolivia

How We Met

After five years of being a single mom and constantly praying for that great one love every woman dreams of I finally had a long conversation with God the night before a trip I never new was going to change my life for ever ❤.

My oldest niece was coming to Bolivia after 17 years living in the US and she was coming to Cochabamba to dance at an important parade in our country. So the night before we traveled to Cochabamba I had a long and sincere conversation with God. I asked him for my dreamed guy. Loving, family oriented and sweet. I remember telling him “I have to meet that important man in my life in this trip and give me a clear sign this time so I can be sure”

The day of the trip came, my daughter, my mom, my niece and I we all traveled to cochabamba for the parade. This was 2 days before my birthday. We had a great family time at the parade such a beautiful experience.

On August 15th (my birthday) and the last day of the trip we decided to go visit an important statue at the top of a hill named Cristo de la Concordia. It was my first time at that place. Little did I know that moment would change my life.

While we were waiting in line a cute guy passed by me and I felt pure magic ? I had never seen him before and the only way I can describe that feeling is with the word MAGIC. I was kind of nervous and I didn’t want to approach him first so I patiently waited. At exactly the statues feet he approached us and said hi. My heart melted but I was trying to play it cool, it turned out he also dances at my niece’s group. To make the story short we kept in touch through Facebook chating daily and before he had to go back to the US he traveled to my city to visit me and my family.

Basicaly I prayed for him and later into our relationship he confessed me that he also prayed to find love in that trip. So I think God heard us both and the most clear sign was to maiking us meet each other at his feet and at my birthday. Since then I am deeply in love with my boyfriend now fiancé who managed to make my family love him as well.


Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cristo de la concordia Bolivia

how they asked

We met at Cristo de la Concordia statue exactly one year before he proposed. We both danced at an important parade of our country in a caporales group. He lived in California for the past 30 years and only took him one trip to Bolivia in the perfect timing so we could meet and realize we were ment to be. He made sure to secretly ask for my hand in marriage before he proposed not only to my parents but also to my daughter ❤ something that of course melted my heart. We were taking some pictures at the statue when all of the sudden he said he wanted to do something special for the last picture and pulled my daughter aside (when he asked for her permission) then he took a little black box from his pocket and got in one knee saying the most beautiful promises no-one has ever said to me and finally he asked me to be his wife.

I couldn’t stop crying and I didnt say yes… I said obviusly ? wich maid us laugh.

I loved him ever since I saw him the first time in that very spot. ❤ and now we are going to be a family.

Like everyone says love arrives at the best time. ❤