Cristina and Luis

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How We Met

We met in college 6 years ago, he was such a nerdy guy but still used to ask me for my class notes just to talk to me. We started dating and it lasted 3 years, we broke up because I left to study abroad in Hungary and he left the city as well to get a job. After 2 years we run into each other again at a beach wedding of a common friend and it all started again, the magic and chemistry never left us. He has a friend who lives in Hawaii that was always asking him when was he going to visit, so we planned the trip and I never imagined he would drop the question over there.

how they asked

On our second vacay day he planned a helicopter ride, so we jumped in and as soon as the helicopter raised and started tilting I was feeling so sick, I was not able to do it anymore, I was feeling so bad and dizzy and he was just asking how was I feeling. I was honestly having the worst time and then he tells me to ask the lady right next to me if she could record a small video of us and the view, and as I turned back to him he had the little box open with a ring in it, I was shocked!!! Couldn’t believe what I was seeing!! I had no idea he was going to propose up in the air and the way I was feeling!

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I started crying and it was amazing even though I was about to throw up, well the lady that was supposed to record was sicker than I was and she was not able to capture the moment but it was all good. We stayed in the air for about 15 more minutes and I totally forgot about outside’s view, I was not able to stop starring at it and him, and being sick of course.

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I wish I could’ve taken a pill for the dizziness. As soon as I stepped out of the helicopter I threw up, and he asked so is that a yes or a no? Haha definitely a yes of course, but a weird one.

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