Cristina and Greg

Where to Propose in Central Park, Bow Bridge

How We Met

“Should I go out? Should I not? I mean, I do need a date for Nicole’s wedding… Who knows Cristina? This guy may end up being the man of your dreams–my future husband. OK, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to at least meet the guy.” These were all the questions and thoughts running through my mind the night I met the man that I will soon be calling my husband. I was recently single and my best friend happened to be recently engaged. Her and her fiancé at the time were planning on a wedding in 7 months and we were closing in on the date. I, the Maid of Honor, still had no date for the wedding. My best friend had suggested she introduce me to one of her co-workers, according to her he seemed like my type (he definitely was not). She invited me to a co-workers night, happy hour at Duffy’s in Coconut Grove. I showed up a little late, because I had to help out another friend with her make up and hair for an event. Upon my arrival I found out the co-worker I was going to meet was late as well, and would be meeting us later at another bar.

As I was saying hi to all the familiar faces, there was all but one I knew. A tall bearded man sitting quietly at the end of the booth–turned out I wasn’t the only non co-worker. “Hi, I’m Greg”, “Hi, I’m Cristi”. As the night progressed, Greg and I were enjoying flirting and getting to know each other. Then one of the co-workers in the group started talking about Nicole and Ray and how they were so young to be getting married. I disagreed with him immediately to defend my best friend and said, “plus, there’s no one younger here than me. I’m 21.” Cris the co-worker stayed speechless and said, “oh wow Cristi, you’re a baby compared to Greg and I. He just turned 29 and I’m 28.” And just like that, I stopped flirting with Greg almost instantly. I mean, how could he get along with someone so young. We were 7.5 years apart, he would never take me seriously. “Let’s go to Sandbar!”. We all decided to close out our tabs, take a shot at Fat Tuesday’s and head to Sandbar to end the night. Everyone in our group who got there earlier were practically drunk at this point and I was no longer going to give Greg the time of day. On to someone else, I was on a mission to find myself a date for my best friends wedding.

Easier said than done. We arrive at Sandbar and Greg notices I am no longer showing interest and is confused. He sees that I start eyeing another guy. Then Beyoncé’s song, “Single Ladies” came on and I started trying to do the dance from the music video. Greg laughs and calls me out on doing it wrong. I was a little annoyed, does he not get the hint? I moved away to dismiss him and a Salsa song came on and he a bit drunkenly but respectfully asked me to dance. Not sure why, but I couldn’t seem to refuse. Nicole and Ray were getting tired and were ready to call it a night. As they were getting ready to say their goodbye’s the co-worker I was supposed to meet walks in and I immediately apologized to him but I was going to leave as well, “I was tired”. As I was walking away, Greg stopped me and asked me if he could have my number. I responded, “No. If you remember tomorrow get it from your friend.” He looked at me in shocked and responded, “Are you even interested?”, I just shrugged and smiled and walked away. I almost instantly regretted doing that, so my best friend suggested that I text his friend Chris to give Greg my number if he asked him for it. The next day came and to my surprise, the first thing he did was ask Chris for my number. Turns out he wasn’t that drunk. And that’s where our love story began..

how they asked

In October 2016, Greg surprised me and bought me tickets to Anastasia on Broadway for opening weekend on March 25th, 2017. Little did I know, that day would not only be the day I got to see my favorite childhood movie on Broadway but it would also be the day the man of my dreams would get down on one knee and ask me to spend forever with him. We flew in for the weekend into NYC, it would be a nice mini getaway from reality. The first night was spent enjoying dinner with close friends from New York and Greg’s brother and nephew who were in town for a college visit. The next day we met with Greg’s old college roommate and his wife for some pizza. Greg suggested we walk through Central Park because the weather was so nice and it would kill time before we had to get ready before the show. I thought it would be nice and agreed with him, so off we went. Before we walked he said we should sit down and enjoy a beer for a few minutes. Midway into the beer Greg says, “you know what lets just go, I don’t feel like drinking this anymore”. It should be noted, Greg never leaves a beer half full.

Cristina and Greg's Engagement in Central Park, Bow Bridge

It’s practically his rule of thumb. Anyways, I was a bit shocked and asked if he was OK and he said he was. As we walked (slowly I may add) he seemed pretty distracted but kept looking around trying to see where he wanted to go. Greg mentioned he remembered a bridge that had a beautiful view and he wanted to take me to it. As we were approaching the bridge we hear people cheering as someone had just proposed. Greg slowed down and then we walked up the bridge. As I walked ahead of him, he stopped me almost at the middle of the bridge, turned me around and said, “hey babe, I love you”. Then he quickly kissed me opened his tear filled eyes and started to go down on one knee.

As he pulled the ring box from his coat, I stayed speechless and almost immediately began to cry tears of joy. I was in disbelief, the day couldn’t have gone anymore perfect than it did!

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