Cristina and Daniel

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How We Met

The fairytale, the prince meets his princess, or prince slays the dragon to claim most victorious amongst all the inferior who has fallen before thee will not be told for this meeting of these two love birds. Instead, a more modern version of being at the right place at the right time, and a simple swipe of a finger that would forever change the lives of two hopeless romantics. We will start this tale with the beautiful lady, the Sicilian girl from Brooklyn, NY. That’s right, the don’t-take-no-for-an-answer, independent, hard-working woman who put her hair in a ponytail every day and got it done, no matter what. You see, this is a special breed, which must be handled with extreme care! While we briefly described our bride-to-be, we are going to cross a couple of bridges to New Jersey. Yea, the Garden State, where the funny smell is only recognized by tourists, is home to our groom. Now, see the groom’s situation is very similar to that of his bride. Lived alone, works hard, and knew exactly the type of person he wanted in his life to call a companion. Well, he and his two dogs, but we will get there. Now we did mention that this is a modern tale. No, these love birds did not happen to be walking down the street and bump into each other only to drop all of their belongings, look at each other, and well…you know the rest to that movie plot.

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The universe brought these two together with technology, and the swipe of a finger. Yea I know what you’re thinking and yes…this doesn’t happen overnight, and both our prince and princess have experienced let’s just say, some donkeys along the way. However, these experiences did not discourage these two from continuing their journey and trucking forward. A few donkeys and some toads later, our Shrek and Princess’s chance for love would unexpectedly strike them. Within minutes of talking, there was a connection that even Cupid himself would be proudest of. As the conversations grew and improved, it wouldn’t take long for these two to want to meet each other. Still, reading? Good, thought we lost ya for a second. I promise we’re getting there! The day comes. That first date. Man, reminiscing, and typing this right now give me those same butterflies. That feeling when you know in your heart that this is different. Our groom tidied up and crossed those bridges, sat on a seat in a restaurant, and faced the door, only to see the most beautiful woman walk in, smile, and in the most elegant tone, softly speak, “Hi, I’m Cristina.” Sparks. Fireworks like the ones that cover the Coney Island Boardwalk on a warm summer night. The first date turned into a second. The fireworks would continue to blast into the night sky without any hint of precipitation or storms. Yea, there was something in the air alright. After a while, what was in the air were our groom’s dogs jumping to our bride whenever she walked in. These two would continue to put a smile on each other’s faces more times than anyone would attempt to count. Our groom, he wanted that to last forever.

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How They Asked

April 21st was an Easter Sunday which had both the future bride and groom’s families all present for a nice dinner. Right before dinner is served, our New Jersey boy stood up and made a toast. With his heartbeat racing, he kneels down on his right knee and asked his soulmate to marry him. When we think fairytale, we always relate to what is presented to us like a prince and princess, or something out of a movie that leaves us wanting that feeling. The true and real fairytale is your own story. For these two, no one on earth could have written a better tale. On August 21, 2021, this adventure will only be the beginning of a story that, with your presence, they will always cherish. A story that will always be our Happily Ever After.

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