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How We Met

How we met might be considered fate to some, destiny to other, but to me it was a moment in time when two souls were at the right place at the right time. I had been working at a school out in the middle of no where, literally, and had pretty much given up on the dating scene. I was in no way, shape, or form looking for anything at that point in my life. A friend of mine, whom believes in happily ever afters, kept telling me to keep my eyes and my mind open to finding someone. He told me that my prince charming was on his way, and coming soon. Little did I know that shortly after this conversation I’d be meeting the man of my dreams in the least likely way. One day while working there had been some roofing issues in the classroom next to mine. There had been several construction workers coming in and out of our building all day with different machines and quotes to take care of essentially a giant hole in our roof. I didn’t pay much mind to the people up until this guy started walking down the hallway towards my classroom. He was nothing of what I was attracted to normally, but somehow was everything I wanted. Chris had this big beautiful smile, with this wild crazy hair, tied up in a bun. We started talking and I quickly found out that he was there to check out the location for a machine that his company was going to rent to the school. One thing led to another and we exchanged numbers. I didn’t think that he would honestly contact me, but to my surprise that night we spend most of the night texting back and forth.

There were many things that keep the conversation going, he loved to wake-board and surf, and had a love for the ocean. This was a big plus for me because I’m pretty sure that I was a mermaid in another life. About two weeks passed with endless phone calls, late night chats, and text messages but still no date. Honestly, I can say that I was starting to give up hope, but one night shortly after Face timing during my nephews birthday party, Chris finally got up the courage to ask me out. We are both outgoing individuals, that don’t like to do many ordinary things, so Chris thought it would be fun to have our first date at Dave and Busters. This also fit us perfectly because we can be very competitive. The day finally came when he came to pick me up for our first date. As you can imagine, it had been weeks since I’d seen him, and I was so nervous I didn’t know what to do with myself. I must have changed into four different outfits before finally picking one! However, as soon as Chris approached me outside my house, all those nerves seem to blow away. At that point in time I knew I was in trouble, I was falling for a guy a barely knew, yet everything seems so right. That night Chris and I played several games, but the one game that stood out to me that most was a basketball shoot out.

If you know me, it doesn’t matter if I am terrible at the game or not I will make you believe otherwise just to get in the spirit of the competition. Chris made me believe that he was terrible at basketball, especially because of his short stature. He’s made a bet with me that the person that got the most shots would end up winning something they wanted at the end of the night. He said that if he won, I would need to kiss him (enter fainting heart eyes). Though I did want to lose on purpose because the suspense of being so close to him was killing me, my competitive ego got in the way. I will admit that I made many shots and was quite proud of myself for such great skills. It was Chris turn to play, I knew I had it in the bag, there was no way that he would be able to beat me with the high score that I had gotten. As soon as the game started, Chris began making each and every shot in the basketball hoop. Throughout the minute that the game lasts, he did not miss a single shot. At the end of the game, Chris just smiled and admitted that he had played basketball throughout all of high school and was actually very good. To my disappointment though, he did not kiss me, he simply kept going to the next game. We went to dinner after and shared more stories and talked for what felt like forever, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about the game and why he hadn’t kissed me if that is technically what he won from our date. I tried not to let it bother me, Chris drove me home that night and right before I got out of the car, he grabbed my in the softest and most romantic way and kissed me in a way I’d never been kissed before. It was the most perfect first kiss I’d ever had with the most perfect man I’d ever met. Since that night we have not be apart since. The rest is pure history!

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how they asked

I knew from the moment I met Chris that he was the one. However, I did not want to come off as the crazy in a rush to get married girlfriend, so the topic of marriage didn’t come up for a while. It happened to be that during the time period in which Chris and I have been together, all of my friends got engaged. I felt like every week or two we were celebrating another engagement. As the last one standing, it started to bother a little. But then again, I had to realize that Chris and I had not been together nearly as long as everyone else. Around Christmas time, during our first big trip together with Chris family, the topic of moving in came up. Chris told me on Christmas Eve that one day I would be his wife and he couldn’t wait to marry me! Within the following months to come, we’d talk about locations and rings, I’d show him what I’d like, places I’d like to get married, colors, you name it! Time continued to pass and yet no ring, no engagement, no nothing. I decided to let the topic go because the more we discussed it, the more I wanted it and the less I got it. In March, Chris surprised me with a graduation gift of a week long romantic vacation to Aruba.

EVERYONE thought, this is it! He is finally going to pop the question. I made sure I had a new outfits, and nails perfectly painted in a very bridal off white, I was ready to say yes! Moments passed, and days went on and still nothing happened. One night Chris took me out to a romantic dinner (this is it! so I thought!) after dinner he wanted to walk along the beach and just sit and enjoy each others company. He began giving me a speech about bridges and how steps in life are all about them. In order to have a strong foundation and a bridge that will last forever you need to be careful about the building blocks and steps that you take to ensure that you have a foundation that will last forever. I remember every single word he said, my eyes became watery and I thought to myself this is the moment I’ve been waiting my whole life for. At that moment, Chris looked at me and asked if I was ready to go back to the room. As you can imagine, my heart sank to the floor! After the trip, I decided to officially disconnect from the wedding talk, I wanted nothing to do with it going as far as deleting my Pinterest board.

Months passed and still nothing would happen. Fast forward to June, Chris had a serious conversation with me about getting engaged. Another friend of mine was getting engaged that weekend, and hiding the face of disappointment from my best friend was hard to cover. He told me that he wanted to make sure I had the perfect ring, and that it was done in the most perfect location. According to Chris he was planning on proposing in Hawaii while we were there visiting in July. After being disappointed in Aruba, I didn’t want to pay much mind to it knowing that it might not happen again. Little did I know it was going to happen sooner than I thought.

That whole week, Chris made sure I went and got my eye brows done (he said they looked very manly), and made sure that my nails were painted perfectly by having his sister convince me to make an appointment for the two of us to get our nails done together since she has an event coming up that weekend. For several weeks, Chris had been bugging me to go out on the boat, unfortunately the weather had not permitted it to happen. However, that weekend he said rain or shine we were going out! I was a little hesitant on it knowing that bad weather on the water did not make for the best time. Friday rolled around and Chris told me he had to work on Saturday all day long, so I decided to go stay at my brothers house in the Keys. Sunday we were suppose to go out on the boat anyway so, in my head it all worked out.

Sunday, June 11, 2017 rolled around. I received a text message at about 7am that morning from my friend with pictures of her ring and her engagement. Of course I was happy for her, but I was also slightly annoyed about the fact that yet ANOTHER engagement I had to celebrate. Aside from my annoyance with the engagement, my family had been acting strange. I changed into about 4 different bathing suits before my sister in law and mother were pleased with my outfit choice (weird because we were just going out on the boat, I thought), they also “forgot” to buy me coffee and breakfast. I tried to brush it off as Chris came to pick me up. I asked if he had bought me fruit for the boat, since that’s really the only thing that I like to eat while we are out on the water, and he said he had forgotten too. The last place that I wanted to be was out on the water that day, but I decided that I shouldn’t let a weird morning get in the way of the first beautiful day out on the water in a long time.

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As we began loading the boat there were other weird things that I noticed, Chris’s professional camera was on board, and his mom kept calling to check up on him. Chris simply said that his mom wanted to make sure we were okay, and that we never have nice pictures of us out on the water so he wanted to take some. Again, my gut was telling me it was weird but I went along with the story anyway. Once we got to the sandbar, Chris jumped off the boat and anchored down, I helped on board with the back anchor, and just sat and watched Chris in the water. The next thing I know Chris yells out from the side of the boat “BABE!

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It’s your lucky day, I found a floating watermelon.” The last thing I wanted to eat was a watermelon that had been floating “randomly” in the water. But he continued to insist that he wanted to cut into it. He jumped into the boat and stood at the front just holding the melon going on and on about the joy of a watermelon, and how much I loved melons yet would not eat that one. Next thing I knew, he was down on one knee and on the watermelon it said “Will you marry me?” I was floored, I did not expect such an amazing and detailed surprise from him.

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Then all of sudden it clicked, the camera, go pros, his mom calling, my family acting weird. As I am crying and enjoying the moment I noticed another boat in the distance, it was my family watching from a far. Chris has not only planned a beautiful engagement, but had also planned an engagement party on the sandbar with out closest family and friends. It was the best day of my life and I finally had the opportunity to say YES to the man of my dreams!

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