Cristina and Antonino

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How We Met

It was love at first swipe! We have to give all our credit to Tinder; if we hadn’t both been enrolled and addicted to swiping, we probably would have never met. Our chances of ever being at the same bar one night or on the same train were super slim. We had our first date a few weeks later and we realized our families and backgrounds and upbringings were very similar. Antonino claims he swiped me because he could “bring me home to mom”; lucky for him I can communicate with his mother in her native language (she doesn’t speak English, I am an Italian teacher. Pretty good match, huh?!)

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how they asked

We booked a trip to the beautiful, best-kept secret of Mexico: Isla Mujeres. Antonino proposed to me the first night and I was in complete shock. We had plans of first buying a home then moving onto the next steps, but when that became disappointing and unsuccessful, Antonino decided to switch things up a bit and COMPLETELY surprise me! A few days later, still in Mexico, we ended up checking out our New York real estate listing site for updated listings and we found the house we ended up buying a few months later!

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Towards the end of our amazing trip, we took professional photos on the beach to serve as memories of this special moment in our lives together.

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Special Thanks

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