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How We Met

Alan and I met online of all places, where we messaged each other and spoke on the phone for about two weeks before we could actually meet in person! Our first date lasted over 8 hours, where he took me to an art museum first and then we got drinks and dinner by the water after, all while making me laugh and giving me butterflies everywhere! I was very excited for this blind date! It was the Sunday right after we had sprung forward and lost an hour, so I kept thinking it was an hour earlier than it was- hence the 8 hours that flew by!

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We talked and walked all along the water, joking that if I picked out my favorite boat, we would pirate it and sail away together. When the day turned to night we came upon a band playing all of our favorite songs so naturally I started dancing and even though he doesn’t like to, he twirled me the entire night, all while under the stars, and keeping the rain away. It was beyond the most romantic and magical day and night of my life, and I knew we were each others person, right then and there. I’ve loved all of our adventures everyday together since then, as each one has felt like that very first 8 hour first date.

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how they asked

My fiance Alan completely surprised me with his proposal! I was on my way back from a work trip and he kept telling me I had a surprise waiting for me at home. He said he would be late coming home from work but that he would see me later and he hoped I loved the surprise. He always loves surprising me! I was a mess coming in our front door, bags and all, and looked up to see that he had completely covered our hallway to our bedroom in rose petals and pictures of us from our favorite memories together. He had also left me a card and the most beautiful orchids on our dining room table.

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I was taking it all in but wanted to call him because I couldn’t believe he wasn’t home to see my reaction to all of this. So unbeknownst to me, he was hiding in our bathroom waiting for me to come through our bedroom door. It took me a bit, and that’s why the video is a bit too long in the beginning as I was calling him and looking at all the beautiful pictures.

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Eventually I opened the door to our bedroom- I had no idea there was still more surprises behind it for me- and he came out of the bathroom, and I nearly fainted! He had written out in rose petals above our bed, “Will You Marry Me?” with his favorite picture of us underneath it. I immediately wanted to answer him when I saw him and the question, but he wouldn’t let me…he had a few words to say first.

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He told me he hadn’t known whether he would find his happily ever after but knew that his story and my story would become our one and only story (he’s a writer!) as soon as we’d met.

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He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, all in tears and rushing to hug and kiss him. He’s my best friend, my person and love of my life and I can’t wait to marry him next year!

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