Cristi and Quincy

How We Met

He sent me a Facebook friend request and I accepted.After a few messages we decided to meet at a local steakhouse and have dinner. Afterwards it was very akward because I rushed to my car unsure if I wanted to see him again. My previous relationship was awful and I was very guarded. I went home and messaged him sorry that I wasn’t ready for a relationship at that time and assumed we would never speak again. The next morning he sent me a message that said “good morning beautiful hope you have a great day” .I was flattered but ignored it for a day or so. He sent one every day after that and I was still ignoring them but for some reason I couldn’t get him off my mind. That week my sister came into town for a visit and after hearing about him and stalking his social media she pushed me to invite him to the movies so she could meet him . He agreed, we had a great time and on the way home my sister told me I was an idiot if I let him get away. I thought about him all night and decided she was right. That next day I invited him to dinner at my parents house. He was so kind and warm to my family and I felt so comfortable sitting next to him at the table. After dinner i walked him out, gave him a hug and he said “you see we fit together so perfectly”. I had butterflies in my stomach and it was at that moment i realized he was the man i had been waiting for all of my life, my soulmate, my penguin and that began our love story.

how they asked

On Valentine’s day he surprised me with a trip to Paris. A few months later we went ….while we were there he brought me to dinner inside the Eiffel tower (restaurant was Eiffel 58) the restaurant had a photographer taking pictures of everyone. He took a few of us and moved on. Quincy sat across from me and seemed nervous. I asked him if everything was ok he said yes. While we were waiting for dessert he excused himself and went to the restroom or so I thought … He came back to the table with the photographer and he said “baby there’s one more picture we need to take” when I turned to look at him he was on one knee and said ” will you marry me” i was so surprised… with tears in my eyes and my heart racing I hugged him and said YES….it was the best night of my life… The next day we went to seal the deal by putting our lock on the love bridge and threw our keys in the river!

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