Cristal and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met each other in June 2017 during our trip to Cabo, Mexico. I traveled there with my best friend Cora for my 28th birthday and Michael was there with a group of his friends for a stag. We had both traveled from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Cora and I were supposed to book to stay at the Holiday Inn Resort but the deal booked up fast and our travel agent had to manually create a package for us for Riu Santa Fe. I agreed to go there instead as a coworker had recommended it just a few days prior. We were already within a few days of our stay when I first met Michael. Cora and I were walking back to our resort from the pool when he approached me from behind to ask me if I would like to go for a walk with him while we hold hands. I said, “No, I don’t even know you,” then walked away. He then walked back towards his group of friends with his hands up in the air as if to say “I give up.”

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The next night, we ended up partying at Squid Roe. He stayed upstairs and I was downstairs. We did not party together, but I saw him outside before entering. He was with his group of friends but he wasn’t interacting with any of them. He was just staring at me with a straight face which I find funny to this day. It was too serious of a face compared to the one I saw just the day before. I pointed at him and laughed saying, “OMG, it’s him!” but he didn’t even blink.

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That same night, we all got back to the resort. Like a moth to a flame, I was attracted to the bright lights in the nearby sports pub. I imagined there’d be tons of snacks, so I walked right in, grabbed some nachos and hotdogs, and sat at the bar by myself while the rest of our group stayed outside to continue drinking. I had just turned 28 at midnight and I was ready to feast by myself. However, as soon as I set my food down and looked straight up, I see this guy AGAIN – for the third time – chatting with one of the bar staff with a drink in his hand. He then started walking towards me then said to the bartender, “Serve this lady any drink she wants, my friend. Put it on my tab.” I laughed since we were at an all-inclusive, and the rest is history.

To this day, he is thankful he went to that specific bar that night after leaving his own group for a nightcap. He could have stayed at his own bar at Riu Palace, but he somehow ended up at our bar in Riu Santa Fe. I am also thankful to God for giving me Michael for my 28th birthday. Little did I know that I will be living with this stranger a year later, buying a place with this stranger 2 years later, and engaged to this stranger 3 years later!

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How They Asked

On Saturday, August 8th, 2020, Michael told me that he had to go over to his parents’ house to help clean his dad’s shed. Unbeknownst to me, he had actually picked out my engagement ring with his family.

Fast forward to Monday, August 10th, Michael was at work and I was at home. He asked if I would like to go out for dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse. I was like, “You want to go tonight? Why not on the weekend instead?” He replied, “I want to start the week off right, so let’s just go tonight.” Who says no to steak? Not me.

Michael said he had our dinner booked for 6 pm so we had time to spare as he was off work at 3 pm. He suggested we walk around the Coal Harbour Marina, which is the norm for us during summer. It was hot outside and it was perfect for a walk, so I agreed.

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As I arrived closer to his workplace, he called me to say I should find parking as he is tied up in his office. I couldn’t find parking anywhere in front of their building, so I drove around it. As I was driving, I saw Michael walking outside. He looked surprised when I honked. He jumped in the car and I asked, “You said you were in your office, so what are you doing outside?” He looked sus when he said, “I was grabbing coffee. How was your day?”

Anyway, I ignore my intuition that he is acting sus and parked the car. As we started walking towards the marina, he held my hand and I noticed that his hand was cold and clammy. I asked him, “did you have too much coffee?” He said he just took an espresso shot.

We continued walking and I was getting irritated because he was acting out of character. Not only did his hand feel like nerves, he also asked me how my day was 3 times.

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A couple of steps later, he approached a group of women sitting down and asked one of them to take a photo of us. Now, this is WAY out of character, I thought. Why take pictures today? What’s so special about today? We’ve been to this same spot before and it’s just any other day. Why are you acting so weird? Are you not worried about COVID, letting others touch your phone?? All of this was going through my mind but it all made sense when I see him go down on his knee with a ring. At that point, my mind went blank and everything he said to me as he proposed was a blur. But OF COURSE, I SAID YES!!!

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Fast forward a few seconds, Michael and I had moved to a quieter area after sharing our excitement with those who happened to witness our proposal. We then called family and friends to share the exciting news. My dad was ecstatic, saying Michael had asked him for his blessing just a few days prior. As we slowly came back down to earth, I told Michael that I would like to take him out for a beer to celebrate and we both agreed to have some at a nearby Cactus Club.
As we turned a corner, however, Michael managed to surprise me yet again as our families were there standing by the Olympic cauldron to congratulate us with champagne on hand! After popping champagne, taking pictures, and hanging out, we made our way to a patio for some snacks. His mom drove us to Hy’s for celebratory dinner afterwards while his dad offered to drive my car home in order for me to enjoy the rest of the night (so nice of them!).

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As if there weren’t enough surprises up Michael’s sleeve, we got picked up by a limo after dinner which drove us through Stanley Park before dropping us off at home.

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As always, we are both so thankful for our families for always being there for us. Our proposal could not have been more complete and joyful. We cannot wait to start planning our wedding and, of course, to have a lifetime with each other! Michael is my best friend and I cannot picture my life without him. He is the best birthday gift, hands down.

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