Crista and Tyler

how they asked

With our relationship (8 yrs), nothing really ever goes as planned, so of course, the proposal did not either. Tyler planned on going to Cedar Lake Cellars where we would do a wine tasting and have lunch. He was going to surprise me and have our families there to witness this wonderful event. However, I had to work that weekend in Evansville, but Tyler had gone home (STL) for Easter. Basically, I ruined his plans because I decided to work instead of come home. Because of this, he decided that he would come back to Evansville a day early and we would go on a picnic. In Evansville, it had been raining most of that day, so his second plan was foiled. He then decided that we would go out to dinner. As we were walking out the door, he wanted to bring my Easter basket to dinner. I thought that was weird, so he ended up putting the basket in my room. Little to my knowledge, the ring was in my Easter basket, again I ruined his plans.

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We went to dinner and went to the store to get stuff for our picnic that we would go on later that week. When we got back to my house, Tyler insisted that I open my Easter basket. In my basket, there were two big Easter eggs. The first one I picked up only had candy in it which was still exciting because I like chocolate. I then picked up the big golden egg and shook it because I just figured that there was candy in it like the other one. When I shook the egg, Tyler looked at me, laughed, and said “Careful there.” I was confused as to why I would need to be careful with whatever was in the egg so I opened it. There was an “Ever Us” box, so I knew it was some kind of jewelry. At first, I could not get the box open so Tyler had to help. When I got it open, I saw the ring and said “Oh, its pretty” not thinking that he was proposing. He just looked at me all confused and said “Will you marry me?” Before I had time to process what was happening, I tossed the ring on my bed and hugged him. He didn’t even have time to get on one knee.

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