Cressie and Cory

Image 1 of Cressie and Cory

How We Met

His mom works with my dad, so I always knew of him, and that he was pretty good looking. We ended up going to college in the same town and one day he messaged me letting me know that he was there just in case I ever needed a ride home or something. Our parents may have set us up a little, but I’m glad they did.

How They Asked

I set up a little getaway for the two of us at a cabin and my parents and his parents ended up meeting us down there because it was close to my parents anniversary. We went to lunch at a beautiful winery to eat lunch. I kept thinking he might do it but the day of I realized I basically planned the whole thing so there’s no way it would be today. He asked me to walk down with him by the water which I was a little confused about because that’s not really his thing and I was really hungry. Well he got down on one knee with a beautiful ring and said simply “I love you so much Cressie, will you marry me?” Of course I said yes and the surprise photographer got a ton of great photos of the moment which I was so proud of him for.