A Creative Proposal on the Wall of their First Home

How we met: It’s a funny story, looking back on it now. I was hanging out with an old friend, Dylan who invited me to a friend’s house to swim later that night we all went over to Ryan’s house. At the time Ryan’s house was the party house and a bachelor pad, he had four other room-mates. I actually went on one date with his room-mate Andy first and obviously it didn’t work out.


Not sure what made me do it, maybe Ryan’s not so great dance moves but I called Ryan up on a Sunday after being at the lake all day and asked if he wanted to go get a smoothie, he said “let me call Andy first”. Andy didn’t care so that’s how it all began!

how they asked: We bought our first house together in June, it was a short sale so it took us five months to actually close on our house and move in! As soon as we had the keys we started moving, we had waited long enough. June 29th, 2013 was the first night in our home and one we will never forget!

Ryan and I had already picked out the color for our bedroom, so the first thing he did that morning was start painting our room. I had to work that afternoon, his dad had come over to help him paint. They had painted all the walls in the bedroom but one. Ryan’s dad, Dana kept asking him “why don’t we go ahead and get this wall done?” Ryan would respond with “dad, you know Kristi she probably wants an accent wall”. At the time Dana didn’t even have a clue that Ryan was asking me to marry him that night.

I got off really late around eleven-thirty. I should tell you that I am very picky! I called Ryan when I was leaving work. First he tells me that one of the bedroom walls that he had painted, he had to go back and sand it over again. Ryan said he wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or not that he may have to do it again.

Second he tells me that he went and bought this huge TV and he hung it above the mantle. I had been telling him there will never be a TV above the mantle, because the mantle will always be decorated. Plus at the time we couldn’t afford a big TV.

I said “no you didn’t” he responded with “Well dad, took the mantle down and moved it to a different wall so the TV could go above the fireplace,” “Ryan no he didn’t”. It went on for a good ten minutes before the conversation ended with me hanging up on him before I got home.

I get home, there was no TV and the mantle was still in place. Ryan told me to go look at the wall that he had to re-sand. When you walk into our room it was the wall on the left so I am literally rubbing my hand along the wall studying it to see if it was okay, the wall was fine. In our room to the right we have a sitting area so you can’t see the back wall when you walk in. I turned around and there was the perfect painting. I read “Will you make me the happiest man alive by taking my hand in marriage, Will you marry me” painted on the wall. I kept saying “are you serious??”


Ryan wasn’t in the room with me, so I walked out to our living room and there he was down on one knee. It was perfect!!

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I can’t wait to marry him, October forth can’t come soon enough!

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Photos by Taken by Tate