Jamie and Jacob's Crazy Cute Proposal on the Newport Beach Pier


How We Met: (Jacob’s version) I met Jamie for the first time in a study group about two and a half years ago with my ex-girlfriend (WHOOPS). We talked about her switching over to my major which is Christian Ministry, and then discussed which churches around our school would be good to check out. Fast forward a year, and we find out we have a class together every day of the week. We started hanging out occasionally and it became very clear that we were both the same type of person- we both love God, we both love people, and we both began to love each other. As we both entered into very difficult seasons of our lives that dealt with academics to family crises, we found hope in our friendship and that carried us through those seasons. As we came out on top, I realized that God gave me this girl and I would never find anyone more perfect for me than her! I asked her to be my girlfriend (officially) on New Year’s day and we got to celebrate with some of our closest friends.

(Jamie’s version) We are both Ministry majors at Azusa Pacific University and had a few classes together.

how they asked: (Jacob’s version) I knew I wanted to ask her to be my bride at Newport, because that’s where she does all her praying and thinking. It might just be her favorite place in the world (aside from my arms!) me and a buddy went to scope out a good spot, and when we walked down the pier I knew it would be a perfect place to ask her. On that Wednesday, me and Jamie went to all our spots that had sentimental value to us. I took her to where we first met, where our friendship was conceived, where I asked her to be my girlfriend, and our favorite date spots in downtown Pasadena and downtown Pomona. After a nice break of watching a movie, I drove her to our last destination. We get to Newport and park, and we start walking towards the pier. About halfway down there’s a binoculars stand where you put in a quarter, and it has a beautiful view of the horizon and shoreline. I told her to look at the end of the pier, and when she did she saw all of our closest friends and family, along with a sign that said ‘Will you marry me?’



When she looked back at me I dropped to a knee and asked her to be mine for the rest of our lives.



She said yes, and after celebrating on the pier, we all went across the street to one of our favorite restaraunts called the crab cooker. It was a night we will remember forever!




(Jamie’s version) Jake picked me up early on a Wednesday morning and told me we were going to relive a few dates that we have been on together. He’s a really romantic guy so it wasn’t anything out of the norm for him to suggest this. The whole day was well thought out and every moment was one to be cherished. We ended up at Newport Beach because it’s one of my favorite places to go. He took me on a walk down the pier and he stuck a quarter in one of the telescopes for me to look through. At the very end of pier was a huge blue sign that read, “Will you marry me?”. I turned around and he was down on one knee.



All our friends came running down the pier, even ones that were from out of state! It was incredible and I could not have felt more loved!



Special Thanks

Jessica Di Bella