Craig and Tarah

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How We Met

I’ll never forget when I first met Tarah. What you’ll find in our story is that the beginning of our journey took time, patience, and the luck of being in the right place at the right time.

The first time we ever met was a long August weekend in the Upper Peninsula (The U.P) of Michigan at our mutual friends’, Andrew and Melissa, Up North cottage. Personally, I was excited to be up there just to escape from the daily grind and do some fishing, I know Tarah was up there to read some books, relax, and enjoy the natural surroundings. I didn’t get to the cottage til late that Friday night so when I arrived Tarah and I just had a quick introduction. Nothing of it. The next morning however, I woke up and started making breakfast for everyone. As I normally do, I had to put on some tunes while cooking and this particular morning I had Van Morrison radio playing. While “Into the Mystic” was on play, Tarah comes over and starts up a conversation and proceeds to tell me how much she enjoys my style of music!

Although at the time I wasn’t looking for new love, I remember thinking how beautiful and personable Tarah was. Not to mention how it is never a bad thing when a girl likes your taste in music! Through our conversation that morning Tarah expressed how important family was to her and that she planned on leaving later in the day to meet up with them at her cottage in central Wisconsin. The importance of family was just another plus. Though our first meeting was rather brief, the initial conversation and positive impression she left on me that day is something I will never forget. When she left later in the day, I didn’t realize that it would be 8 long months before we would see each other again, this time at Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day where we exchanged numbers and I would make proceed to makes plans for soon to be “date” night. This is how I met the Love of my Life.

how they asked

I was on a business trip to Colorado and Tarah was planning to come join me for a few events. We were going to catch a concert at Red Rocks and then do some camping before heading home. She was traveling with our dog so any plans I was going to make for a proposal was going to include our furry companion. I found Travis and his proposal planning website at Dramatic Focal Point. After the initial phone conversation Travis had given me some good information to consider. First thing was that Rocky Mountain National Park was not going to be dog friendly. This had me cross that idea off the list. Travis had a few ideas and we settle on Wheeler Lake after he sent me some scout photos with a stick figure bent done on one knee. Between Travis and our friends in Denver I had Tarah onboard with camping just north of Fairplay, CO, so we could hike a very well recommended trail. Travis had given me all the directions I needed to get to the trailhead but even so, he was inconspicuously waiting for me at the parking lot as we pulled in. Unbeknownst to Tarah, Travis was with us almost the entire hike. I say almost because after a few miles of the hike Tarah, the dog, and I hitched a ride with some “Jeepers” making their way up the trail. Travis was already at the top and again we exchanged a few words without Tarah being any the wiser.

Our plan was for Travis to hike around the lake and set a bottle out on a rock where he wanted me to drop to one knee and propose. That was the plan but as all good plans can go awry, this one did. Tarah and I were sitting on the north edge of the lake as Travis made his way to the south side. He set out the bottle and got into his hiding spot. As he peeped out to focus his camera he noticed that his bottle had disappeared. As Tarah and I were still sitting with the dog Travis was frantically working to get his bottle, which the wind had blown into the lake, out of the middle of the lake. Travis was finally able to retrieve his bottle but there was another problem. I had coaxed Tarah to hike around the lake but she did not really see a need to hike all the way around. This left me in a bit of pinch but Travis could see that we had stopped so he picked up the que and made his way to us. This was maybe the third time that Tarah and I were again chatting it up with Travis but time was running out. Tarah was commenting about just how gorgeous this location was and Travis said, “Oh yeah? I bet it could be even more special”. This was my que and I took it in stride. I dropped down to one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes!

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This may not have been exactly how I had planned it but I would not have had it any other way. The proposal was perfectly imperfect and magical!

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