Craig and Charlotte

Proposal Ideas The Shangri-La, Shard, London

On the first day of his new job, Craig was blown away by the beautiful blonde. With a smile as stunning as Charlotte’s, it is no wonder that Craig felt nervous around her. However, with time and a bit of courage, Craig won over Charlotte’s heart.

Craig had the romantic idea to surprise Charlotte with a romantic weekend trip to London to watch the fireworks. However, he had another idea. Whilst at dinner, he had Captured Proposals transform the room, sneak in a photographer and videographer, and even had live music playing their favourite music as they entered. As they celebrated, they listened to live covers of songs that reminded them of special moments in their relationship and sipped on chilled champagne.

Now happily engaged, Craig and Charlotte look back on their big day with mesmerizing pictures and videos.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Shangri-La, Shard, London

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Shangri-La, Shard, London

Craig's Proposal in The Shangri-La, Shard, London

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