Ashley and Craig

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How They Asked

After a few years together, and very busy lives, we got a chance to go on our second vacation together. The first one we took altogether as our little family. We loaded up the two of us, our son, and fur baby. Headed up to the family cabin in northern Minnesota. After leaving late in the evening, we got there early in the morning. Slept on the couch the first night, and no coffee the first morning, the mood was a bit somber.

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We spent the morning bumming around in town, and after our errands were accomplished, I knew my opening was at hand. I plotted in the GPS to head to the Mississippi headwaters, where my plan was set. As we entered the park, we passed over a ‘creek’ and I explained that was actually the mighty Mississippi. We headed into the park, with both children in tow. Coming upon the actual headwaters, I realized there were far too many people. I knew that I wouldn’t get pictures, or anything too special with so many people around. Shortly after, we continued on down the trail. I spotted a nice trail leading down to the water’s edge. I suggested going down it, and when we got down there we started taking family pictures.

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After rotating through everyone, leaving me and Ashley last, it was time. We took a few photos with us and the fur baby, then sent him up to the boy to take pictures of just the two of us. Once we had a few snapped, I turned slightly and exclaimed that there was a moose out on a nearby shore. With Ashley fully distracted, I dug in my pocket and assumed the position.

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She kept saying she couldn’t see it and could tell she wasn’t going to give up. I told her “oh never mind, it must’ve been a bird.” With disgust in her face, she turned around and froze. I asked her, “Like the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi, starting from a small beginning, will you join me on a journey to something great?” Her face all the while transforming from disgust of the moose bird to the utter shock of the situation. Breath took from her that she couldn’t speak, she nodded and started to cry. Thus starting, our great journey.

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