Courtnie and Matt

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At my parents house

How We Met

Matt and I met in middle school, he was my first real relationship and my first love. Since we were 14 years old (and the ultimate cliche) we wrote letters back and forth to each other every so often. Why we didn’t stay together is a long story but I ended up moving to a different city not long after and we didn’t talk or see each other again until college. After spending some time together again, I told him I had saved the letters he wrote to me all those years and we ended up breaking them out and reading them together one night!

How They Asked

Every year on Christmas Eve my whole family gets together to eat, play games, and exchange gifts. One of the games we play involves starting with a big box, unwrapping it to find a clue as to who to pass the box to next, and so on until it gets to the last box and someone gets a special gift. We do this every year so I didn’t expect anything of it. When the last clue instructed the gift was to be given to me, I was so confused! My whole family was in it and when I opened the box there was an origami heart (that my grandma made) that said “The gift is yours, but there is just one thing you have to do. Turn around and… it will be given to you!” My stomach dropped. When I started to turn around to look at him, he was standing there smiling. When he dropped to one knee, I lost it. He then proposed with a long speech telling me what and why he loved me in front of my entire family!

Proposal Ideas At my parents house