Courtnie and Joshua

Proposal Ideas Hart Park

How We Met

Josh and I met while working together at a local theatre in town. I had been working there for a few years as the bar manager and he came in as an actor with a Jim Carey sense of humor and a Brad Pitt smolder!

Where to Propose in Hart Park

So watching him in shows became a usual weekend activity and it helped us create a lasting friendship. We became good friends and about a year later he decided to make his move and take me out in October of 2015! We’ve been together ever since!

Courtnie's Proposal in Hart Park

How They Asked

Josh and I had been to a total of 8 weddings in 2018! So we had definitely been talking about it throughout the year. After the final wedding at the end of November, we finally started to talk about it more seriously. I had a photographer friend that had texted me and asked to set up a photo shoot, little did I know Josh had actually been messaging her trying to set up a surprise proposal shoot and he had made me think I set the entire thing up!

During the shoot, our photographer had Josh wrap his arms around me and told him to whisper something funny in my ear to make me laugh. He leaned in and whispered “Will you marry me?” and had the ring in his hand in front of me. He then got down on one knee and I said YES! He followed that with of course some celebratory champagne! After our photo shoot, we were heading to dinner where both of our families surprised me with an impromptu engagement party. It was absolutely perfect!

Special Thanks

Melissa Brannon
 | Photographer