Courtney and Sean

How We Met

The universe is constantly at work, bringing us where we need to be at the right moment. All of our, Sean and I have been running in the same circles. They grew up minutes away from each other and knew many of the same people. Sean was even taught by my mother while he was in high school. Yet, their journeys led us down different paths until it was the right time–July 2015. Once we began dating, we soon realized how many times that our lives had crossed paths before. The most recent of those times had been March 17, 2015 at a Devils game (“How I Met Your Mother” style!). It is undeniable that every single moment leading up to us finally meeting is kismet. It was as if the universe knew what it was doing all along. Some things are meant to be!

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how they asked

St. Patrick’s Day weekend of 2016 started off like any other weekend. Sean and I were meeting his family down the shore for a parade. After the parade, we all went out to eat at the restaurant where the parade finished in front of. The dining area overlooked the water, and the New York skyline could be seen off in the distance. Just as the plates were being cleared away, a bagpipe band came marching through the restaurant and right up behind our table. To me, all of this was normal; of course bagpipers would be playing on St. Patrick’s Day! It wasn’t until I looked across the table and saw the look in Sean’s eyes that I realized that something was up. The band played for a few minutes, and once they stopped Sean stood up and asked me to stand up with him. Then, he got down on bended knee. Everything around us faded away as he proposed. In the background, one of the drummers played a drum roll. Then, he pulled out the ring box. As he opened it, people audibly gasped because the box lit up the ring. After I said “Yes!”, he stood up and kissed me. Sean then pointed over to his right. “Look who is here!” And there they were–my family has been hiding the entire time until the big moment! Everything about the moment was perfect. The Jersey Shore is my favorite place in the world. The Manhattan skyline holds a special significance because it is the backdrop to my parents’ proposal almost 34 years ago. It was only fitting for us to get engaged on St. Patrick’s Day weekend because we share in our Irish heritage. Both families were there to share in one of the happiest days of our lives. And most importantly, Sean was able to surprise me with his elaborate plan!

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