Courtney and Justin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dixie National Forest - Utah

How We Met

Like any small town, you’re bound to run into people you know and have some of the same group of friends. Although Justin and I attended different high schools and colleges, little did we know that the friends we shared, would eventually make our story begin. While I went and studied Psychology in a town 30 miles from where we lived, Justin was attending classes to become a Fire Fighter for our County. Now, I said with small towns you end up always running into the same people but surprisingly, we never ran into each other..until he threw a birthday party at his parents house that I was invited too (through a mutual friend).

I remember thinking Justin was the cutest man I ever laid eyes on. We chatted that night, played a couple rounds of beer pong and partied the evening away with friends. Sadly, he was in a relationship at the time so my mind only kept him in that ‘friend zone’. Flash forward 4-5 years, we ran into each other at a local pub.. this time he was single! We hung out all night, drank good beer and eventually swapped numbers. From that night forward we never stopped talking and 5 months later he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dixie National Forest - Utah

how they asked

Since that day we have been on so many adventures together for the last 5 years. Justin became a Fire Fighter for our County and has always been an adventure seeker! We love camping, fishing, shooting, and trying different craft beers. My favorite is when we road tripped through 5 different states together which lead us to our greatest adventure yet… him getting down on one knee as we overlooked HUGE pine trees in the Dixie National Forest and asked me to be his forever!

We share a love for the mountains so we knew we wanted to get married in one of our favorite places.. the Sierras! So, we set a date and chose to get married in June Lake, CA surrounding ourselves with mountains and pine trees. We cannot wait to tie the knot and start another new adventure!