Courtney and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I attended the same (very large) high school in Michigan, but we did not meet until we both got a job at a local grocery store in 2010. He was a couple of years older than me and just picked up an extra job during the summer. Since he was a “college guy” and I was still in high school, he was too cool to talk to me! However, that did not stop me from following him around the store like a puppy dog during our shifts together. Although we barely talked when working together that summer, I always loved working with him.

Courtney and Eric's Engagement in Disneyland

I would secretly try to work next to him during our shifts. When he would be sweeping the store, I would volunteer to mop and follow him around. I think he thought I was crazy… After we both moved on from that job, we didn’t really try to see each other or contact each other. The following summer Eric and I both attended a party at my best friends house and did the whole “We used to work together, right?” thing. After the party we bonded over mutual friends and our love of sports and became very good friends. We started hanging out with the same group of people and spending a lot of time together.

When we were not hanging out with each other, we were either Skyping or talking on the phone. I don’t even know what we would spend all night talking about, but time would go so fast and I knew I loved every minute of it. Although we were just friends for what seemed like forever, we were always drawn to each other. Whether we were out with friends or sitting on the back deck at my house talking about life until 2 a.m.. we always seemed to have a good time. It required the help of some of our friends to push us out of the “friend zone” and help us realize that we were completely in love with each other. I knew very early on in our relationship that I wanted to be with this guy forever.

Courtney's Proposal in Disneyland

how they asked

I have always been obsessed with Disney. To me, everything about Disney is so magical. In 2013 I did the Disney College Program and that made my obsession grow even more. When Eric came to visit me during my program, I remember walking around Magic Kingdom with him and thinking that life couldn’t get any better. Then it did… Fast forward 4 years (to the day) later. Eric and I planned a trip to California, and it obviously had to include two days at Disneyland. My best friend, Kaylyn, and her boyfriend, Matt, also met us at Disneyland for the day. Eric and I got into the park before Kaylyn and Matt and I immediately wanted to walk to the castle and take pictures. Eric said no because he thought I should wait for my bestie. Little did I know she had an engagement ring in her backpack.

I was annoyed because who doesn’t want to go straight for the castle when they walk into the park?! I ended up agreeing and we shopped around at the front of the park for a bit. When they got into the park we decided to utilize our photo pass and take pictures in front of the castle before it got too crowded. Apparently while we were walking to the castle, Kaylyn distracted me and Eric took the ring out of her backpack. We took a group photo first then decided to take “couples pictures.” Eric and I went first, and at this point there was a line forming behind the photographer. We went to pose for the picture then Eric said “before we take this picture…” and trailed off. The only thing going through my mind was “Is this the best time to start a conversation?! We’re about to take a photo!

There are people waiting!” But once I realized what was happening, I just started bawling. It seemed like we were the only two people in the world at that moment. I couldn’t even process everything he was saying. All I know is- he said some of the sweetest things and asked me to spend forever with him right in front of the castle in the Happiest Place on Earth! Everyone around us started clapping and cheering and coming up to us to say congratulations.

Kaylyn pulled customized Minnie and Mickey ears out of her backpack that apparently she got made that morning, which is why she was late to the park. We immediately told our families and friends who had known that this was happening for months! It was the most magical day ever!