Courtney and Viktor

How We Met

Viktor & I met playing worship music in a warehouse one weekend, two summers ago. I had no idea what to expect… & then he walked through the door. We were hooked on each other at first site. He asked me on a date after a few days of talking & it was the best experience. Have you ever just undeniably clicked with someone? That was us. Sometimes, I hear certain songs or smell certain smells & I’m brought back to that first date… I knew back then he would be my husband someday.

how they asked

We ended our first date on a rooftop overlooking downtown Memphis. We had our first kiss on this same rooftop. It is such a special place in our relationship. One Friday, I came to visit him. Walked through the door at his house, & found candles, flowers, wine glasses, & a garage beeper for the rooftop. There was a note that said, “Grab these & meet me on the roof.” As I drove to the top, I felt butterflies in my stomach… we never visit the roof for mundane things.

Once I stepped out of the car, there he stood, looking handsome as ever. He pulled out his phone & continued to show me a locked note on his notepad. I’d been asking to read what it said for two years now. It contained the sweetest, most vulnerable message… he poured his heart out to me. At the bottom of the note, it simply said: “Will you marry me?” & of course, I turned around to say “Heck yes!”

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