Courtney and Travis

How We Met

The love story created from a simple right swipe. In September of 2017, these two swiped right on each other and thus began their love story. Both were not on the hunt for “the one,” but when they found each other they knew it was a perfect match. They balance each other out perfectly.

How They Asked

Courtney had scheduled for us to do a photo session with their dogs on October 6th in Alvin with friend of hers. They were going along with it and she could tell something was going on but she didn’t want to interrupt the photo shoot. They were about 30 minutes into it and they were walking up closer to the front of the property and here comes a white 1997 F150 Power Stroke truck pulling up. One of Travis’s good friends is driving it – (she thought this was odd). Courtney looking at it and thinking they were maybe going to use it as a prop.

(back story on the truck: Courtney’s dad had a white extended cab F150 that was passed down to me as my first vehicle – named Whitey Tidy. Courtney and her dad are incredibly close and he’s honestly her go to for everything)

Travis’s friend hands Courtney the keys and says “here you go – this is yours to keep”! She started crying and they were looking at the inside of the truck and Travis brings her to the back where he had a sticker made that said “Whitey Tidy II”. Courtney really start bawling her eyes out at this point. As she is looking at the back window Travis is behind her on one knee waiting for Courtney to turn around.

Our photographer was well aware of what was going to happen, he planned more than what Courtney had planned for herself. Travis has his own F350 Power Stroke and now she has hers, so they have a his and hers, can work on them together, take them to meets and be something they can do together plus it is something to ALWAYS remind Courtney of her dad.

Her ring is beautiful – it is a past, present and future ring which to Courtney just speaks volumes. They have our own pasts and have had to get through them to get to each other, our present, and our future with raising a family and continuing to grow with each other.



Special Thanks

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