Courtney and Tom

How We Met

Both Tom and I attended the University of Delaware and moved off campus our junior year. At the beginning of junior year, I went with my roommates to meet the 4 new male neighbors. After meeting the guys, I said to my roommates, “That red haired one is cute! I’d date him!” Fast forward to the end of the school year when I needed a date to my Delta Gamma formal. (Fun fact: Tom’s mom, Sue, is also a Delta Gamma!) I had become friends with Tom and his roommates throughout the year and decided to ask Tom to be my date. Tom’s roommates made a big deal of it, making sure his tie matched my dress! We hit it off at formal and spent the whole summer talking long distance from Philly to New York.

When we returned to school senior year we started dating (our rooms literally shared a wall) . After Tom brought me to Joe’s Crab Shack for our official first date (seafood is the way to my heart!), Tom officially asked me to be his girlfriend 08/28/11. After we graduated, I moved to NYC and Tom moved to Philly. After 3 years of being long distance, we moved in together in Hoboken, NJ.

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how they asked

After being together for 6+ years, I have been waiting a long time for this proposal! I am a big planner so I did have an inkling it was coming when Tom told me not to make plans on a certain weekend. On Saturday morning, I woke up early in the morning to Tom being out of bed and making noise in the kitchen (this never happens!). I went out to the kitchen and there were beautiful orchid flowers waiting for me. Tom was also cooking lobster eggs benedict! (Seafood really is the way to my heart). After breakfast, Tom told me to be ready in about an hour and to dress nice. We were then off all dressed up and I had no idea where we were going. We then walked towards the Hudson River in Hoboken along my favorite pier. I made a comment how it was sad that I noticed a few weeks ago all of the locks on the gate were cut down. This spot is similar to the lock bridge in Paris where couples write their name on the lock, lock it onto the fence, and throw away the key. Tom agreed it was sad, but mentioned there were already a few new ones. I agreed and was taking in the view of NYC. He then nudged me to take a closer look at the locks. That’s when I realized a red lock was engraved with, “Courtney, will you marry me?” When I turned around there he was down on one knee FINALLY asking me to marry him!!! I obviously screamed, “YES!!” There was also a photographer sneakily waiting to take our proposal photos. I’m so happy we got shots of the moment! I was so excited about the proposal and getting my ring. My diamond has been passed down from my great grandmother so it is very special to me.


Tom said that the proposal was only the beginning of a full day of surprises!!!! Next, we went into Manhattan to Central Park for a picnic! Tom had a backpack with him which included champagne and prosciutto wrapped melon for snacks, which he made. This was a perfect time to celebrate!

Next, we went to lunch at one of the best restaurants in NYC (Jean Georges). It was the BEST lunch we’ve ever had! The surprises didn’t end there.. we then went on a HELICOPTER tour of NYC! What an incredible experience!

We then went back to Hoboken and ended the perfect day at one of our favorite restaurants, Blue Eyes, along the Hudson River watching the sun set over the NYC skyline.

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