Courtney and Todd

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How We Met

Todd and Courtney have known each other since they were kids, they come from a small town where everyone knows everyone. Todd’s mom is a math teacher and used to tutor Courtney’s older brother and her once a week. During the time her brother was getting his lesson, she would hang out and play with Todd and his three younger brothers. Todd is one grade above Courtney, so when the two were in middle school they started to “date.” Funny story- one of Todd’s brothers used to pass notes to Courtney on the bus asking her to be his girlfriend, so when Todd wanted to ask Courtney “out”, they had to have a family meeting and make sure it was okay for Todd to date her. Courtney ended up breaking up with Todd and he will never let Courtney forget how she broke his heart not once, but twice back then. Courtney always tells Todd it worked out in the end.

They officially started dating in college while Courtney was about to go into her Junior year at Central Michigan University and Todd was about to be a senior at Eastern Illinois University. Todd’s mom and Courtney’s aunt had been trying to push these two together a few times that summer, and Courtney actually confessed to Todd’s mom at one point that she had always and still to that day always had a crush on him. It wasn’t until around the 4th of July when the two were at a festival listening to Courtney’s older brother’s band play that she caught wind Todd was single (FINALLY she thought). The two ended up hanging out in the same group all night and when it ended, Todd texted Courtney right away and as they say, the rest is history from that moment on. Timing truly is everything!

How They Asked

Todd and Courtney were home from Georgia for a weekend and it was the weekend before her nephews 1st birthday. Since they weren’t going to be able to make his party the following weekend, Courtney’s older brother said they would host a little gathering with some of her family and Todd’s for us to be able to still celebrate his birthday. After most people settled in, Courtney was told to help her nephew open up a few presents that people brought. Little did Courtney know that there was a plan in place and the presents weren’t supposed to be opened until everyone was there and Todd’s brother was the only one still not there. Todd’s mom ended up shouting that he was here, but no one could see his car so when Todd called and asked where he was and his response was still ten minuets away, a few people started to spaz out a bit (we still give Todd’s mom a hard time for the false alarm). His brother eventually got there and Courtney received one final gift to help open, but it turns out her nephew was helping her open this one. There was a note that said: “Courtney, let’s get this party started.”

Courtney and Todd's Engagement in Watseka, IL

Todd then grabbed Courtney’s hands and made her stand up. She said she blacked out for a second while he was giving a speech and the next thing she knew he was down on one knee! Courtney was sobbing and couldn’t even say yes, so she just shook her head before he put the most gorgeous ring she could have ever dreamed of on her finger (Courtney’s family still jokes that she never said yes).

Once Courtney calmed down, somewhat, her mom and aunts gathered around and told her that the diamond in the ring was one of her grandmothers who had passed almost a year prior and who was one of the most important people in Courtney’s life. Courtney said “I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect proposal, I had all my favorite people in one room, a beautiful ring that allows me to carry a piece of my grandma with me for the rest of my life, and the icing on the cake is I get to marry my best friend!”