Courtney and Timothy


How We Met

Timmy and I met when we were both members of the Michigan State University Cheerleading team. He was a jokester who I didn’t really take seriously, but somehow my best friends convinced me to go on a date with him.


On Valentine’s Day, he picked me up and proceeded to get us lost in Downtown Lansing because he was so determined to keep our destination a secret. After laughing hysterically all night I went home and told my roommates that I was going to marry this man. They definitely thought I was crazy, but I knew immediately that this was the man for me.


Thanks to Michigan State Cheerleading we have gotten to do a lot of really cool things together and have made so many memories that will last us a lifetime. We were partners at the 100th Rose bowl, cheered at two B1G football championship games, went to two Cotton Bowl games, attended a Final Four, Elite 8, and Sweet 16, we competed at UCA College Nationals, cheered at both Men’s and Women’s B1G Basketball tournaments, and have been on 8 different College Game Day sets. We traveled to over 15 states together, cheered over 150 games, and met so many amazing people throughout our four years on the team.


As this journey came to an end we were both pretty sad about it, but we were also very excited to see what we would do next. Little did I know Timmy already had something big planned.


how they asked

Each year we have an end of the year banquet for our team. Our families are invited, our coach gives out team awards, and it’s just a time to reflect on the year and celebrate those who are leaving the team. For us, our Senior banquet was big deal, my whole family was coming and his was too. We were excited to have one last time to acknowledge all the hard work we put in for four years.



As the banquet came to an end, our coach told us that we were going to go down to the tunnel for a final team picture on the field. Everyone seemed game and excited to do so, except me. It was sleeting and only about 30 degrees that afternoon and as I went to put on my coat, my mom told me I wouldn’t need it. I was not a happy camper. The team started heading down, I waited around for Timmy who was taking forever. Little did I know he was trying to get the ring from his brother and I was standing right there. He shooed me away, making me even more angry about the situation. The entire way down to the tunnel I complained about the rain and the cold and that we’ve had a million pictures taken in the tunnel why did we need another one.


Once we took our picture, our coach said that Timmy had one more thing he wanted to say to the team. I thought nothing of it really because he was a captain and I just hoped he was going to keep it short so I could go back inside. When he grabbed my hand and led me towards the field I got very confused. All I remember him saying was “I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time..” He then got down on one knee. I immediately started bawling.


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I said “YES” through all the tears but Timmy claims I didn’t say anything understandable because I was sobbing so much. When I finally looked around I saw all my teammates hooting and hollering, I saw our families up in the bleachers watching from above, and I then saw a few members of the marching band making their way down the tunnel.


As the band played the Michigan State University Fight Song, Sparty held an umbrella over our head, and the man of my dreams held me in his arms, I couldn’t stop crying. I was so overjoyed with emotion; I was going to marry the most amazing man in the entire world. When the band ended, I heard one of my best friends yell “Can we hug her now?” and in an instant, I was surrounded by my best friends. I was so happy that Timmy involved all of our family and friends on the biggest day of our life’s.



I have been asked many times if I had any idea he was planning this, and I honestly had no clue whatsoever. Looking back there were a lot of signs. He met people for lunch but I was never invited (my mom and dad), went shopping with friends (to buy a ring), got super anxious when I took care of laundry (ring was hidden in the dresser drawer), my friends kept asking me to get my nails done (they knew i’d be upset if they weren’t), his brother was coming from out of state (I just thought for the banquet), everyone got their phones out when he gave his senior speech (thinking thats when it was going to happen), even when he grabbed my hand I had no idea what was about to happen. With the help of our coach, our friends, and our parents he pulled off the greatest surprise ever.

I am so incredibly excited to marry my best friend!

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