Courtney and Thomas


How We Met

We first met at our church home group. Thomas was returning to the church after a long spell of running from God, and I was just getting out of a relationship, so at first, our relationship was strictly platonic.

Then, I was working as a gatekeeper at Smoking Dragon New Years’ Festival 2013 in the Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa. When Thomas arrived, his hug was the warmest and safest thing that I could remember.

After dancing and enjoying the concert that evening, we lay in the field behind the stage staring up at the beautiful Drakensberg stars. Thomas kissed me two hours after midnight (spending the two hours praying for courage) and as fireworks burst over our heads, we knew we had slipped into a deep intimacy from which we would never recover.

how they asked

It was absolutely perfect, and a complete surprise. He made me think that our church home group was meeting at the Cube viewpoint, which looks out over the city of Durban, for an evening picnic, and my friends distracted me that day by taking me out to lunch. As soon as we arrived, I saw the beautifully laid out path of candles, and the gazebo draped in lights and pictures of us.


He led me through the candles, telling me that meeting me had changed his life and that deciding to join our home group was the best decision he had ever made. Once we arrived underneath the gazebo he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!


My friends had spent the afternoon setting everything up without my knowledge, and as soon as I said yes (this took two tries – I was crying to much that he had to comfort me, then get back on his knee and ask me again) our friends and my family emerged from where they had been hiding and we proceeded to have a beautiful engagement party right there!


Thomas and I are both so passionate about our city and our community, and he managed to combine those two passions so beautifully.



Special Thanks

Jesse Greaves