Courtney and Terrel

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How We Met

We met in church. We were in college, and I was introduced to him to get in contact with with the young adults ministry. From that moment he has always claimed, “He just knew”.

how they asked

Here I am thinking Terrel and I were going out to dinner because August 1st was the day Terrel drove to Springfield to tell me he loved me for the first time. Of course, Terrel had me tricked. Last night, We arrived in Little Italy, and Terrel led me around the North End to many places with beautiful scenery as we traded words while laughing, Typical us time. Later I would find out he had a photographer following us around the whole time (I had no idea).

Eventually, we made our way to the restaurant (where he reserved the same table from our first date). We sat with so many memories in our eyes, as they handed us our menus. On the back of the menu, I saw a letter addressed to me from Him with the words “I always knew”. The last sentence of the letter was “I will be watching you read this letter with tears running down your face, and then, and only then will it be the perfect time for ME to ask you…”

Courtney and Terrel's Engagement in Trattoria di Monica

And as I looked up Terrel was on one knee with the blue Long’s jewelers box open asking me to marry him, and of course my answer will always be a RESOUNDING YES!