Courtney and Terrance

How We Met

Courtney and I met at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, in 2007. After her first year at Ball State, she left to attend another university in Illinois, but we remained in touch throughout the years. Despite the distance, we grew as friends but an undeniable connection seemed to also be growing between us. We would often catch up with one another over a meal and/or drinks whenever I visited home (Northwest IN) for the holidays or to check on family. One of those visits lead us to give a try at growing our friendship into a romantic relationship, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

The proposal was 1/1/20 at 12am. We purchased tickets to attend a NYE event at Lyric Opera. Courtney’s sister, cousin, and their partners were together for dinner and drinks at Prime and Provisions (this was planned). Courtney’s sister assisted me with convincing Courtney to have us leave the party we were attending to catch up with the rest of the group for the countdown to the new year. Prime and Provision was chosen as a location because the year prior Courtney and I brought in the new year at the same location, with a champagne toast and an amazing view of the fireworks on the Chicago River. The plan the Courtney knew of was to have the same experience with the rest of the group. So we leave, make it to the restaurant about 10 min before the countdown. We have just enough time to get our mini bottles of champagne and head outside to begin the countdown. As the countdown gets down to zero, we shout happy new year and lean in for the kiss, followed by me getting on one knee to propose. She did not see this coming at all and was busy trying to get pictures of the fireworks. Once she realized what was happening, she asked me was I serious a couple of times, followed by a very certain and excited YES!


Special Thanks

Rae Marcel Photography
 | Photography
Art Institute of Chicago
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