Courtney and Steven

Courtney's Proposal in New York

How We Met

Summer 2017: JFKidsport a wonderful early childhood center, where I began my career and called home for 3 years closed its doors for the very last time.

Fresh out of getting my master’s degree and license in both Early Childhood Education and Special Education, the hunt was now on for me to find a new teaching position for September, a mere few short weeks away. Cue me going back to my own elementary school for an interview for an open Pre-K position.

The interviewers included the principal, a few teachers that oddly enough, I had myself when attending the school…and Steven, the 8th-grade teacher and assistant principal – Needless to say I got the job.

Fast forward some weeks of him hanging out in my classroom, and a few not so subtle post-its left on his desk, right after Halloween, he finally worked up the courage to get my number and text me a picture to start a conversation. He asked me out on a date a week later, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How They Asked

Summer 2018: Steven and I took a trip to Disney World, my favorite vacation to take and a place that became very special to the two of us over the course of our magical four-day trip. Despite, a not so wonderfully timed rainstorm our first night, we were able to see the entirety of the castle’s firework show, “Happily Ever After” during our time there. It was while Steven was holding me and we were watching the show that he placed a ring pop in my hand, told me that I was his happily ever after, and promised me that one day it would be an engagement ring. It was then that my dream for him to propose in front of the castle was born.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York

It is important to note here that not only does Steven also work at Madison Square Garden but that he is a huge Rangers fan who always wanted to pop the question there, center ice.

The Proposal – February 2020

We were on our way to a Rangers game when he mentioned that he wanted to stop at the NHL store first. Where we really wound up: the Disney store. As we were walking towards it, he turned to me and said, “We might as well go in since we’re passing.” He expressed to me how he wanted to show me the Tangled lanterns hanging by the escalators, since it one of favorite Disney movies – but what he was really doing, was leading me up to the second floor, where a castle stands.

It was there that I was completely taken by surprise and he made my dream come true. In front of the castle, (in a Cinderella blue polo, I might add) he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him, again placing a ring pop in my hand. This time inside: the most beautiful engagement ring I could imagine. I could not contain my “yes!” It truly the most romantic, thoughtful proposal. It was a fairy tale.

If it’s right, you do it twice.

After my initial shock and our combined thank yous to our friend Chris, who Steven had hiding in the store to capture our special moment, I’m told we actually did make it to the NHL store – I was way too happy, caught up in the moment, and looking at my perfect ring to know if this holds any truth at all – and then finally over to the Garden for the game. Upon arriving and getting congratulated by his friends who were working, Steven told me that by game end, he wanted the ring back. We had just got the castle for the proposal, he wanted to get the ice as well (at least for photo purposes). I knew how much he always wanted it and I was happy to oblige. So, it was there, center ice, with all his buddies from work behind us, that he got on his knee for the second time that night.

It was a perfect night filled with two dream proposals. I would say “yes” to him a million more times to a million different proposals and cannot wait to say “I do.”