Courtney and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met at the first day of orientation to our Master’s program at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. We were both overly involved in our respective schools during undergrad, which led us to choose the same program in Higher Education Administration (read: college forever!). I noticed him because he was wearing a Seattle Seahawks shir-sey and I’d never met anyone in this part of the country who liked the Seahawks (little did I know how much he actually loves them…).

We became best friends right off the bat because we started going to church together at Williamsburg Community Chapel, where we led high school small groups each week. It was amazing to meet someone so committed to his faith and serving others. We’re also both pretty weird — in the best way possible — and that made it fun to spend lots of time together even before we started dating. He asked me to be his girlfriend right after the Seahawks lost the Superbowl in February of 2015 (I guess he found the silver lining?). But, if I’m being honest, I knew we’d be together forever before he even asked!

Here we are at my best friend’s wedding… I’m thankful to be marrying the life of the party!

Image 1 of Courtney and Spencer

how they asked

I’d been bugging Spencer about getting engaged pretty much since the day we started dating…call it confidence in how much I love him! He always agreed that it was what he wanted but was quick to point out the fact that student loans and school stood in the way of being able to buy a ring, which was definitely understandable. Little did I know, Spencer chose a ring almost a year before we got engaged and knew exactly when he’d ask the entire time!

I told him that I wanted to take nice graduation pictures on campus before we graduated with our Master’s degrees and he willingly set up a little photo shoot across campus with a friend of ours who is actually a photographer. The day before graduation, we got dressed up and took pictures in several places on William & Mary’s campus including the Crim Dell bridge, which is rumored to seal a future with your true love if you walk across and kiss at the crest (something we’d never done before).

Image 2 of Courtney and Spencer

Our photo shoot ended at the School of Education, where we had taken all of our classes. Spencer knows how much I love the “LOVE” signs that are scattered across the state of Virginia and so he had our own set created and placed at the top of the hill overlooking the school. I, of course, was confused but excited to take advantage of such a perfect photo opportunity. When he got down on one knee I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited…

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Our parents, friends, and families were waiting to celebrate graduation and the engagement with us for the rest of the weekend!

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Special Thanks

JP Pratt
 | Photography from friend's wedding
Josh Chung
 | Photography from engagement shoot