Courtney and Scott

How We Met

We met in college at the University of Hartford. At first, we were just flirty acquaintances but it became more in April of 2011. We were both involved in Greek life and were volunteering at a charity event called relay for life hosted on campus. Each fraternity and sorority was tabling offering small items in exchange for donations for the charity. Ours was a “kissing booth” theme so we exchanged Hersey kisses for a dollar donation. Another was a “marriage” theme, offering the bride and groom props, a photo booth, and a novelty marriage certificate to those who donate. Scott wanted to get married but didn’t have someone. I was just done with my shift at the kissing booth table and walking to the other side of campus when he sees me about to cross the bridge. He yells from far away “hey Courtney wanna get married?” I say “okay” and run back. We put on the props (a top hat and a veiled crown) and he picks me up into a lover’s leap pose. They snap a Polaroid of us. It’s overexposed but it’s adorable. I keep the photo while he keeps our marriage certificate. We start talking and use our new novelty marriage as an excuse to hang out. We hung out every day for a week in the library or in the studio working and getting to know each other. We had our first kiss a week later. We dated the entire summer both working/studying on campus. In September he asked me out at my favorite restaurant. He wrote out “will you go out with me?” With a checkbox for yes and no. I said yes and I also kept the napkin.

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How They Asked

It was September 10th, 2016 and it was our 5 year anniversary. Scott surprised me with a romantic getaway in the Poconos. We stayed at @poconomanor for the weekend so we could celebrate at @lanternfest. We got to the festival around dusk. We enjoyed watching the sunset, listening to music, decorating our lanterns, and relaxing by the fire. When it was time to release the lanterns, it had grown dark. Scott stood behind me with his arms around me as we watched the first of the lanterns ascend. Josh Grobman’s song raises me up was playing somewhere in the background at the time.

As I was watching he dropped something on the ground in front of me and asks me to pick it up. Turns out it was a cloth napkin from the night before. When I pick it up, he then asks me to read what it says. I find the light to read the written words out loud, “Courtney Mason, will you marry me? Yes or no.

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This was the very same way he asked me to be his girlfriend five years prior. Then it hits me…he is proposing!!! I turn around smiling and see him on one knee with the ring box in his hand open with the most beautiful ring inside. His eyes were bright and hopeful but he had a knowing smile on his face as he asked me again. “Courtney, will you marry me?” And I said yes!